My Rainy "Rainchester" aka Manchester Weekend

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all well. I have had quite a busy week and an interesting weekend. So, I thought to share with you guys what I was up to. First things first, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to you (Yes, You -reading my blog now) for reading my blog posts and sharing them on other platforms. Seriously, I am beyond flattered that you take your time to read my blurbs every now and then. It's been two months exactly today since I started this blog (I started 12/03/2013 and I am hoping this blog post goes up by today 12/05/2013) and I have got over 2000 page views and it may not sound a lot to many people but it is freaking awesome to me. I have received tremendous support from everyone and it really keeps me motivated. Thank you so much!!

My Alma Mater- University of Manchester (this is the Student Union Building)

When I moved to the UK, Manchester was my home base and I got my Masters from there as well so I view Manchester as home after Nigeria. Slowly, many of my friends moved back home or out of Manchester and then my boyfriend got a job in London. I had mixed feelings; I was delighted and sad because I knew it was a job he wanted but I knew I would  miss him so much (I saw him almost everyday in Manchester and our lives pretty much revolved round each other).

Picadilly Garden Bus station; Home to buses and Trams alike

 I did miss him over a few months (although we visited each other from time to time) when he moved. So you can imagine my joy when I was offered a job in London; I was packing my bags before it even became official :-). I moved to London and it has been very interesting so far.At work, I was asked to do some assignment in Manchester; I didn't even think twice I just said "Ohhhhhh Yeahhh".

Manchester Picadilly Train Station on a cold rainy night

 I came in on Thursday night; the journey was just something else (we won't be talking about that at all). Immediately I set foot off the train, I was welcomed with the characteristic "Rainchester" drizzles which I had sorely missed and the ever aggressive wind all at the same time. I was not even sad at all; I just felt I was home. Weird.

Albert's Square at Night

 What even felt weirder was it felt like I never left, there were some slight changes here and there but I felt I was back to Manchester from a holiday or something. You see, everything in the past five months had happened so fast that I have not had time to reflect at all. Coming back to Manchester gave me a little time to reflect because they always say sometimes you reflect better when you retrace your steps (OK, I don't know who said that but you catch me drift*mancunianaccent*)

My lovely friend Amaka who hosted me through out my stay

Anyways, I was absolutely knackered and slept off in my lovely friend (Amaka)'s room who kindly hosted me during my stay. On Friday, I did my office work in the morning till late afternoon and I was free to experience and soak in my beautiful rainy Manchester. 

My Church back when I was a student (Oxford Road)

Manchester was even more beautiful than when I left it. I appreciated each walkway, tree, shop and path even more than before because it threw lovely memories all around me. The shopping malls held even more special memories for me as a student because I had no worries then and I did quite a good amount of shopping which have still seen me through these periods of austerity (Hahaha, that's a word I hear at work every time and it just sounds so posh to use).

The Irreplaceable Primark aka "Primarni"

I could not resist nipping into Primarni (aka Primark) one of my favourite shops for  some hidden treasures. The one in Manchester has been renovated to look really modern which I think it's about time. 
Me - trying a failed attempt at a selfie...oh well!!(inside refurbished Primark)
Outside still has the vintage feel which was perfect but inside felt almost like the Primark in Oxford Circus minus the choking number of shoppers. After that, I sashayed (almost!!) over to Market street which is my favourite area because it houses all my favourite high street shops e.g. Missselfridge, H and M, Mango, etc.

You can't get missing with these for direction

Beginning of Market Street with all its busy traffic (human and transport alike)

I went down Market street into Church street, Cross Street and Cathedral Street which has even better shops such as M and S, Zara and Selfridges. I think this area is one of the busiest tourists attraction in Manchester.

Manchester Arndale- houses countless shops...your wages are sure to get finished here

 The Manchester Arndale which is one of the largest shopping malls in UK (I am not sure of the ranking but it is quite a large one) has a connecting mini bridge/ walkway which links it to Selfridges which is brilliant so you can move from High Street Shopping to Luxury and High End Brands if you dare. 

The mini bridge/link from Manchester Arndale to Selfridges
By this time, I was really tired so I did not take much pictures and people kept popping into the pictures.The truth is it is quite difficult getting sole pictures of places without people in them especially if it is a Friday evening or even a weekend. But I think people in the pictures add a little extra realness to them so I don't really mind as much and I am sure you don't. 

I went down to the first spot where I started taking pictures. Of course, I took more pictures and it was really lovely seeing the sample place but with a different perspective. I loved it so much and I took a few pictures before my phone decided enough is enough and I had to retire into Cafe Nero to charge my phone and wait for my friend Mark to meet me.
Print Works- My first camera taking spot...sweet memories

Exchange Square...(I think)
Mark finally arrived and we caught up about everything especially photography.
It was really nice catching up :-)

 If you remember in my previous posts, Mark is my friend (former colleague at work as well) who taught me basically everything about photography.. if you want to know more about him, check him and his work out here. He also loaned me his camera - Fuji Film Finepix S1500. If you want to more about my photography posts, check out my blog post here for more info.

Corn Exchange at Night
Saturday was departure day and I and my lovely friend Amaka had a nice lie in. We were both knackered; she from her course work (she is currently doing her Masters in Manchester) and I from the whole journey and activities. She made me this amazing breakfast of Potatoes, Nigerian Stewed Chicken and Fried Eggs.

Potatoes, Chicken Stew and Eggs- This definitely gave me life..:-)))
Boy!! I was full; very full and we both just lay on the couch like lazy whales (Hang on, whales don't lay on couches though). Anyway, we mustered all the willpower to pack my things and leave for the train station; although my train was around 5pm, I was meeting up my other lovely friend Tolu so we had to get going. Mark also joined us and they both decided to laugh at my not-so-modest luggage.

I resisted Zara....thumbs up to me
 I am not a compact luggage girl at all. I love to pack beyond what I need so I have a choice e.g. that morning I ironed a sheer shirt (I hate ironing so much) which I though looked lovely but I changed my mind. You see, if I had not packed an extra shirt (or two) I would have been stuck wearing that; so don't judge me at all. I had to leave my luggage in the Left Luggage place in the Manchester Picadilly Train Station because I did not want to lug around any extra weight. 

Mancunians don't joke with their chippy at all

I think Urban Fitters did a nice job with their exterior--really awesome!!
We went to Arndale's Food court, saw my friend Tolu and we all had a nice chat. Mark gave me some new accessories for the camera he loaned me. I was very very very surprised because I did not expect this at all.

This picture doesn't do these accessories justice
 He gave me a UV filter, a lens adapter specially for the Fuji Film camera, a mini tripod, a 2.2x telephoto lens, 0.43x super wide angle lens with macro, and 4 different types of close up lenses. He also has a group where he teaches photography which you can check out here and request an invite to join here . You can learn many tips, tricks and tutorials about photography if you are interested.

Before I could say jack, I had to leave my lovely friends; Amaka and Mark and my "Rainchester" aka Manchester and head home back to London. It was such a lovely weekend and I would say I felt rejuvenated and uplifted even though my body was very very tired from all the busy activities. 

I had such a lovely time thanks to everyone who made it possible and I definitely look forward to visiting once again for a longer time.

I know this was a long post but it had to be because I had so much to write and share with you guys. It felt wonderful writing this post ; I wrote different sections at different times because I like to write when I feel like not when I have to; that way I write more from my heart.

Thank you for reading this blurb and stay tuned for my next post soon..Have a lovely week y'
P.S. yes, I was able to upload this on the 12th May as promised it was 23:59...hahahha

I could not resist taking these lovers kissing... hahahha


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