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Original Picture without Editing

Edited picture with PicFX App
If you are new to my Blog, a warm big welcome to you and thank you for stopping by. This post is about Iphoneography 102- Editing Pictures with Apps on your Iphone. I have a previous blog post on Iphoneography 101: The Basics which I suggest you read before this as it is quite helpful. This post is a sequel to that. Let's get started..

Original Picture of Big Ben without editing
Edited picture with PhotoForge2 App
There are thousands of Apps in the App store for editing pictures and it is quite overwhelming for a new Photographer/Iphoneographer. I found it really overwhelming and interesting at the same time. There were various Apps for Cropping, Collages, Effects, Photo Editing, name it. The list is endless. Many of the Apps are free while some are paid for. I classify some as Semi-Free whereby it is free to download the basics which are no different to any other App out there but you need to do some in-purchase for any extra snazz..crafty and cheeky I would say. I honestly do not know where to start because I am just a newbie in the Iphoneography but I guess I will just work with all the info I have learnt and all the Apps I currently have on my phone.
Original Picture of towers without editing( Taken in bright day light)
Edited picture with Lens Flare App
                                                           APPS for Photo Editing
I have a lot of Apps for editing pictures which include KitCam, PicFx, Pixlromatic, PS Express (Photo Shop Express), Snapseed, Photo Forge2, etc. These are the Apps I currently have installed on my Iphone. I use them strictly for editing pictures such as cropping, enhancing and adding effects to my pictures.

Original Picture taken with Indoor Lighting
Edited picture with Pixlromatic App
                                                                   Camera Apps
These are apps which act like miniature DSLR cameras in addition to your Iphone cameras. They have several settings where you can adjust focal lengths, depths of field, tilt effects, lighting, etc. all you need to do is select the app you need and take your picture directly from the App. There are so many out there but the only ones i have currently on my Iphone are KitCam, Camera +, Pro Camera, Line Camera,  Wood Camera and Hipstamatic. They all offer the different settings and you also have the option of changing the lenses and films in many of them for Analog Camera features.

 Original Picture of House Parliament taken in Daylight

Edited picture with PhotoShop Express and watermarked with PhotoMakr App
                                                      Apps for Collages and Watermark
There are gazillion of these which basically help you create lovely collages of favourite pictures or memories for easy upload and to add a tinge of creativity. They offer different frames and back grounds. Some offer filters and effects. I love using these apps for categorizing my photos for my blog. My favourite Collage apps include InstaCollage, PicCollage, IBooth, etc.
Picture Collage using Pic Collage App
I also have a couple of watermark apps which help you watermark your pictures as a copyright which I think is necessary if you don't want your pictures trolled all around the internet without your permission. My favourite App for Watermarking my Photo is Photomakr. I also have ColorStamper but I don't use it often.

Original Picture and  Edited Picture with Waterize App
                                                                Apps for Effects
I love using effects for my pictures because they always make them look more professional and nice. There are various effects including flares, glares, water, etc. I just larrrrveee them all. I have a couple on my phone and they include ElementFX, ElementFX Pro, Mirrorgram, Repix, Pixloromatic,Water My Photo, PicFX, etc. They all offer varying effects e.g. Water My Photo adds an illusion of water to your photos which I think is brilliant.

Original Picture of my lunch
Same picture edited with RePix App
I am sure you can tell I love these Apps a lot and the chances of not using all of them is very high. This is very true and I am more than guilty of that. I will explore all these various categories in this Iphoneography series which I have started. So stay tuned if you want to learn about the above categories and apps to get wonderful photos. See you in my next post...xxx

Original picture 
Edited picture with Mirrorgram App
While I gear up towards creating those lovely posts for you all, I am going to introduce to you my secret most used and loved Iphone App of all times - KitCam. I love this App so so so so much and I use this mainly for almost all my pictures.

Original picture 
Edited Picture with Snap Seed App
I am going to do a seperate blog post on Kit Cam following this post because this will be a super long post if I don't. More importantly, I love it so much and I think it deserves its own separate blog post. I hope you all are enjoying this Iphoneography series. 

Original picture of Spring Bloom Shrubs
Edited picture with KitCam App


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