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I usually share new products on my Instagram feed and Instastory so I thought I'd do a roundup of some products I have been trying. Majority of these products were sent to me since June so I have had ample time to test most of them. Of course, I will be doing separate reviews of them but I just thought to give you a sneak peek of what's to come. I feel very lucky to be sent so many products and I am never expectant or take it for granted. These are the particular products that have wowed me and I can't wait to share my full reviews of them.

The Ordinary Skincare // Link  //from £3.90
I am pretty sure I am very late to the game when it comes to The Ordinary Skincare because it has been all over the beauty world and blogosphere. The Ordinary is one of the brands under Deciem (The Abnormal Beauty Company). I have been looking to try products from this brand for so long. I have read countless reviews and watched several YouTube videos so I knew what I wanted. I had my little list of products and when I heard the store in Covent Garden was open, I made my way over. It is a small store but it is well arranged and the products are well displayed. I picked out products that are designed to treat my skincare issues- hyperpigmentation, hydration (during A/W) and blemishes. I actually went twice; the first time to pick out majority of the products on my list and the second time to pick up a higher strength of one of the products and another foundation. I picked out the following products: Lactic Acid AHA 10% + HA 2%, Lactic Acid AHA 5% + HA 2%, AHA 30% + 2% BHA Peeling Lotion, Advanced Retinoid 2%, High Adherence Silicone Primer, Serum Foundation and Coverage Foundation. I have tried out the products for a couple of weeks now and I am very impressed so far. I think I may have spent just under £40 which is incredible for 7 products!! I will share my thoughts in a separate review.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Skincare Range* //Link //from £34
I was very kindly invited to the Jurlique Advanced Recovery Skincare Launch which was held in their flagship store on Oxford Street, London. I have been to the store a couple of times and absolutely love it in there. Also, Jurlique do incredible blogger events and I always learn a new skill and how to properly use the products in their range. This time around it was a flower making session using Jam Jars and I learnt how to make my own gorgeous flower arrangement. I was kindly gifted the complete Herbal Recovery Advanced Range. I had tried the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum in the past and really enjoyed it so I was very excited to try out the rest of the products in the range. I was given a generous goody bag which contained the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum*, Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream* and the Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum*. I have been trying them out as well and the range really delivers all it promises. I have seen an increase in the hydration levels in my skin by sticking exclusively to all the products within the range. Of course, I will share a more detailed review soon so watch this space.

Murad Skincare* // Link //from £35
Murad is one of the skincare brands that peaks my interest because it was founded by a Dr Murad who knows his onions when it comes to skincare. I have tried a couple of samples of Murad  so you can imagine my delight when I was kindly sent the most generous package of Murad Skincare goodies. I received the following products: Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser,* Murad City Skin Age Defense Sunscreen*, Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel*, Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield* and Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. I am currently loving these products and I have brought them along with me twice while travelling to Scotland. I have seen such great results with my skin and I cannot wait to share my full review. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me feature these products on my Instagram and it's mainly because I love them.  I particularly love the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and it's such a treat to use every day. I have been reaching for it both in the morning and at night. My skin always feels extra smooth and clean which is very important to me especially after a long day out in London.

CULT 51 Skincare* //Link //from £95
At the beginning of the year, I got to try out the CULT 51 Day Cream* (see review here) and was instantly wowed because I got instant and amazing results. I rarely ever use any skincare till the very last drop but I did with the CULT 51 Day Cream. I was very kindly sent the rest of the skincare line and some products from their sister company Instant Effects. I received the following products- CULT 51 Immediate Effects Serum*, CULT 51 Night Cream*, Instant Effects Instant Lash Volumiser* and Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper*. To say I have enjoyed these products will be a massive understatement. The Night Cream has the smoothest texture I have ever tried and it imparts that smoothness to the skin. I have seen a good number of skin benefits and I am so grateful to have this incredible brand in my stash. One of the other products that has wowed me is the Instant Effects Instant Lash Volumiser because I have seen visible growth with my lashes. It works as a treatment for my lashes as well as a primer. I always joke about my lashes being non-existent  but they are now visible. My sister visited me in July and was shocked to see my lashes had grown. For her to notice (she knows me better than anyone else), I know this Lash Serum is the OG. I use it everyday without fail.
Aveda Haircare* //Link // from £21
I am incredibly lucky to be sent new launches from Aveda and I really appreciate every single product. Most times, they come in as a surprise and they always make my day. I have been trying out a handful of their new launches including the Pramasana range*, Suncare, Thickening Tonic*, Texture Tonic* and the Botanical Kinetics* (Skincare). I am yet to try any Aveda product that has let me down and this is because they just get it right.

My favourite range so far from their haircare range is the Pramasana range. I have dry hair and scalp and it is quite problematic for me. For my dry hair, I try to retain moisture by using hydrating products and selected oils to seal in these moisture and radiance. I feel it is easier to sort out dry hair than a dry scalp. The Pramasana range is a scalp treatment and it is one of the few that I have tried that has left a lasting impression. My dry scalp has seriously improved and I always look forward to using the range. Granted it may seem like an extra step but if you have suffered from dry scalp, no step is extra as far as it does the job. The Pramasana range deserves its own review and that will be up soon.

The next range I tried is the Suncare which is a first for me. I think it is optimised for people who currently have colour in their hair as the sun is known to cause untoward reactions when it hits coloured hair. However, the range has other sun protective properties which I love. I love how hydrating the mists are and they work just like an SPF for the hair.

The Thickening Tonic and Texture Tonic are the most recent products in my stash and I am currently trying them out so will report back later. I need to get my braids off and try them directly on my Afro. Lastly, I have the Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner which is an incredible facial scrub which is great as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment. I tend to use chemical exfoliants but lately, I have found myself going back to manual/physical exfoliator. It is not very abrasive but I still use it quite gently and it does the job so well. That's pretty much the products that have wowed me in the last quarter and I cannot wait to share their separate reviews. I would like to know if you have tried any of these product. Hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next one..xx
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