OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil Review

OUAI is one haircare brand I always look to when I want to give my hair some TLC. I have quite a sizeable collection of majority of their offerings and none have ever let me down (you can check out my full review here and here). I use OUAI haircare on my Afro and on my hair extensions. I am drawn to the brand because it effectively works to keep my hair in the best condition regardless of the weather which really affects my hair (my hair is not built for this weather at all). I love the signature fragrance to all OUAI haircare products because my hair always smells clean and fresh. I am a huge fan of their Hair Oil which I have since repurchased because it is one of the best I have tried. I was very kindly sent their recently launched Rose Hair and Body Oil and I loved it from the first spritz. Anything with roses makes me happy because it is one of those scents that never grows old. I have been trying the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil* for a while and I am so happy to finally share my thoughts.

Rose Hair and Body Oil // Link //£26
The Rose Hair and Body Oil* is designed to nourish and protect the hair strands, lock in moisture and impart a radiant glow on the skin and the hair. I had such a good experience with the OUAI Hair Oil so I knew I would get nothing short of perfection from the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil. It is free from parabens and silicones and OUAI does not test their products on animals which is great. Some of the ingredients include Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, White Musk, Absinthium, Shea, and Rosehip Oil. Together, these ingredients work so effectively in producing a beautifully fragrant oil which has both hydrating and moisturising properties.

I have always been a big fan of OUAI hair products packaging because they are well made, great quality and minimalistic. I still love the shampoo and conditioners packaging because they look so chic. The Oils are not left out and I particularly love the Rose Hair and Body Oil because you can see the beautiful rose coloured oil through the transparent bottle. I love transparent bottles because you can tell how much product you have left so there are no nasty surprises if it runs out. It has a lovely pump which lets out a good amount of oil for the hair and body. I am currently travelling with it so I will let you know how travel friendly it is (fingers crossed there are no spillages- it does look quite secure).

The first thing I noticed about the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil was the amazing fragrance. I can always still catch a whiff of it whenever I use it on my hair and body. It is a dry oil which is my preferred oil texture especially when it comes to body oils. I can't deal with anything greasy on my body.  Although it is a dry oil which sinks in quite fast, you still get a nice radiance/glow on your hair and body. There is no greasy feeling on the skin at all and it does not make you feel uncomfortable. I think that's one thing that I love about it and one of the main reasons why I keep reaching for it.

My Hair Experience
If there is any hair care product I can't do without (apart from shampoos and conditioners), it will have to be Hair Oils. I love Hair Oils and I go through bottles of them because my natural hair (an afro) thrives on having a good oil to seal in moisture and retain its radiance. I would say the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil feels slightly lighter than the regular OUAI Hair Oil. I feel you need more texture when it comes to a hair oil compared to one that is a dual use product. On my hair, I find that the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil works more effectively when my hair is slightly damp compared to when it is completely dry. I tend to use one pump starting from the tip and working it up to my roots. The best part is that it does nto weigh my hair down at all which is incredible. So you get the moisturising, hydrating and luminous benefits and you still have grease-less hair. Love it!!

My Body Experience
It has been a really long time since I committed to using an oil exclusively for my body as I tend to use moisturisers or body balms. However, I was more than ready to switch to this oil to see how well it worked. For reference, I have combination oily skin mainly around my face but my body is generall normal.  I got the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil just at the tail end of Summer so I had a good chance of testing it out in the sun to see if if I ended up feeling greasy. Thank goodness that did not happen and I think it is down to the fact that its texture is similar to a dry oil. It sinks in well, gives my skin a nice radiant (non-greasy) look and this radiance lasts pretty much the entire day. I think I actually enjoyed it more on my body than on my hair and I am really surprised about that.

Where to Buy //Link //£26
OUAI Haircare products can be purchased directly from their website or from several retailers including Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Space NK, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, etc. It retails for £26 which I think is very affordable giving that you get almost 100ml (approx 98.9ml) of product and this can be used both on the hair and body. I don't think I have tried any other hair and body oil formula that is similar to this so it is a very unique product. Even if it was used everyday, I think it will safely last for at least 2 months or more so I think it is worth the price tag.

Overall Thoughts
I am really glad I got a chance to try out the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil. It definitely lived up to my expectations as with majority of the OUAI Haircare products I have tried. I could not resist taking a picture of some of my favourite OUAI Haircare products and I can't wait to purchase a few more to add to my collection. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil?
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