La Roche Posay Effaclar Range - A Complete Guide

It's no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with La Roche Posay products and my absolute favourites are the Effaclar Duo+ and Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector. In 2015, I was introduced to other products within the Effaclar Range and I am so delighted that I now have some new favourites to play with. I attended an event in October last year where La Roche Posay showcased the Effaclar range and I learnt a lot on the day which I would love to share with you. I know how overwhelming it can be in Boots sometimes surrounded by these lovely La Roche Posay products and not know what to pick. It’s even more overwhelming in French Pharmacies so I hope this post is useful especially if you are a huge fan of the Effaclar range just like me. The Effaclar range is designed for people with blemish prone skin and I can tell you it has really helped me take back control of my skin from the dodgy hands of acne and blemishes. I have used the Effaclar range for around three years now and I have not looked back. I also think I should mention that although I have marked many of these products as Gifted Samples, I actually purchased some of them by myself but I have received backups as Gifted Samples. I can no longer keep track of which ones I purchased and which were gifts so I decided to mark them all.   Right it’s a long post (as usual) so let’s get started….

La Roche Posay understand that everyone has different techniques for cleansing their skin and they have developed different Effaclar products to suit these techniques. I think cleansing is a crucial step when it comes to keeping your skin free from blemishes especially if you wear makeup. A good cleansing routine will keep your skin clean and prevent breakouts in addition to other lifestyle changes.

Effaclar Micellar Water*// Link // £12
 La Roche Posay have developed the Effaclar Micellar Water which is very similar to the regular La Roche Posay Micellar water, however, it is designed specifically for blemish prone skin. It feels really refreshing and does not dry out my skin. It does sting ever so lightly if you use it near your eyes and so it is not recommended to use it for eye makeup removal. However, I love the way it removes my makeup without stripping my skin. I really like it and it's lovely to see a micellar water specifically designed for blemish prone skin.

Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel* //Link // £11
I am all about a double cleanse and I make sure I do this every night. I really like following up with the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel after removing my makeup with the Micellar Water. It is a gel formula as the name implies and I love how easy it is to apply. My face is usually moist from the micellar water already so this cleansing gel spreads easily and gives my skin a good cleanse. I always combine it with my Foreo Luna* or Luna Mini* and they go beautifully well. My skin feels clean after use and it does not strip out my skin at all. I feel like all skin types would enjoy this formula and it can be used day and night. It is actually one of La Roche Posay’s best sellers and I can understand why after using and enjoying it.
I can never skip a toner because they have made a massive improvement to my overall skin texture and condition. The good thing is La Roche Posay have made toners to suit everyone's needs and one of my favourites is the one in the Effaclar Range. I know many people skip toners but they seem to prepare my skin for the rest of my skincare routine and I love how they help balance my skin after cleansing.

Serozinc*// Link //£8.50 (review)
The first tone in the range is super popular in the beauty world and it is none other than the  Serozinc which I absolutely love. It is made from only three ingredients (Zinc Suphate, Water and Sodium Chloride) and I guess that's why it is super effective. One thing that stands out for me is the way the mist sprays which is super important for me for products in a spray can. Even if a product is fantastic and sprays its mist in a dodgy way, I would find it hard to reach for it. I am so pleased to report that the Serozinc dispenses its mist in such a beautiful way. As a toner, it is perfect for use after I have cleansed my skin. If you have any pesky spots or spots waiting to show up, this is one toner that actually works. It also helps with redness and keeps the face feeling refreshed and hydrated. I really like it and I have quite a few bottles especially now that Boots stock it. I wish they would make a small travel size to take with me on short trips.

Effaclar Astringent Lotion* // Link // £11 (review)
If you are after something a little more effective for acne/blemishes, you should try the Effaclar Astringent Lotion which I equally love. Of course it has Salicylic Acid and LHA as some of its active ingredients so it goes straight to penetrate the spots in the pores to make it clear. It is also a good chemical exfoliant which helps maintain a clear complexion. I have used it for a few years now and it has made such a difference to my skin. It contains alcohol as one of its ingredients but it is not drying at all which is quite surprising. I have lost count of how many bottles I have repurchased and I have also been kindly gifted with some. I love this toner and it is was featured in my 2015 Skincare Favourites.

This is where La Roche Posay goes all the way out by creating such lovely moisturisers which would suit everyone. I can't think of anyone failing to find one moisturiser that they love from the Effaclar range because LRP have covered all grounds. All the La Roche Posay Effaclar Moisturisers I have tried have been super gentle, effective and act as a good base for my makeup. I was so pleased to try a few new ones these past few months and I have been super impressed.

Effaclar Duo+*// Link // £15.50 (review)
The first one on the list is the cult classic Effaclar Duo + which has been raved about in the beauty and blogging world. I can't even tell you how many times I have repurchased it especially when there is a 1/3rd off French Skincare offer in Boots and Escentual. I am also lucky to  have been sent some tubes by the lovely  La Roche Posay PR. Nevertheless, I still find myself adding it to my basket each time Escentual or Boots have an offer. I would classify it more of a preventative product in that it prevents spots from leaving annoying scarring on the face. I find that it works best with newer scars compared to the old naughty ones. It still works on them but the efficacy is heightened with newer scars. It also works as a base for my makeup and it is definitely one of my favourite Effaclar Product. If you pair this with the Effaclar A.I Targeted Breakout Corrector, it would be super difficult for spots to still find their way to your face/skin.

Effaclar K+*// Link // £14.90

This is a much more newer product for me and I absolutely love it. To be honest, I have not come across any product from the Effaclar range which I have not been obsessed with because they work so well on my skin. The Effaclar K is designed to work as a moisturiser which also helps prevents any pesky black heads that may be hiding under the skin. I have also noticed that it helped with the appearance of pores on my face and the general texture of my skin which is amazing. I tend to use it more during the day than in the evening although you can use it any time of the day. I know I have mentioned this before but it feels like a hybrid of the Effaclar Duo+ and the Effaclar A.I. and I absolutely love it. 

Effaclar Mat* // Link // £14.50
If you struggle with oily skin, shine or combination oily skin, I would definitely recommend checking out the Effaclar Mat. My T-zones have a mind of their own. They do whatever pleases them;  I can never  really predict their behaviour. I tend to lean towards products that is oil-free and mattifying but I find that some products that are mattifying could leave my skin feeling too dry, tacky and interfere with my foundation. I am so glad the Effaclar Mat does not do that at all and it actually leaves my skin super smooth and soft. It goes on  easily like a moisturiser but sets as a base for my makeup. It really diminishes any shine from my face without leaving any tightness and I am very impressed. The best part is it does not leave any fluff on the face so it can be worn alone as a moisturiser, primer and base- an all in one.  

Effaclar H // Link // £15.00

There is another product called the Effaclar H which I have not tried but I have heard many good things about it. It is designed to help provide extra moisture and hydration for the skin especially for people using any acne treatment. If you have used any acne treatment (especially prescription ones), you would understand the struggle of finding products that work well for the skin without drying it out. It's definitely one to try from the sounds of it.

                                             Acne/Blemish Treatment// Link // £9.50 (review)
My favourite all time product from La Roche Posay is none other than the Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector*. I cannot understand how I survived without this product which I take with me whenever I travel because I can't risk any dodgy skin issues. I have written an entire post dedicated to it so I won't ramble too much. The Effaclar A.I. is now the only acne treatment I use on my skin and I love how fast it works. If I have a spot on my face, I just whip it out and apply to clean skin and sleep. I kid you not the spot usually disappears the next day or is considerably reduced in size. The product seems to go right into the spot and dissolve or destroy the trouble maker. My spots get resolved within 1-2 days at the most and I guess that’s why it has risen to become my top acne treatment product. It also works well under my makeup and using it with the Effaclar Duo+ prevents scarring which is bug bear of mine. It is one I highly recommend.

                                              Makeup-  Effaclar BB Blur*// Link // £14
This is the newest addition to the Effaclar range and it is very exciting to see that there is finally a BB cream that is suitable for blemish prone skin (and for combination/oily skin). I have tried quite a few BB creams but I am not a huge fan of any because they always have a dewy or glowy finish. You can imagine my delight when I learnt La Roche Posay had launched an Effaclar BB Cream suitable for oily skin gals. The good news is it is definitely one of the best BB creams I have tried as it works so well on combination oily skin girls. The bad news is there are only two shades- Fair/Light and Light/Medium which means it is quite limited. I did try the Light/Medium which was not  a perfect match for me. I would not say it was completely off because it somehow adapted to my skin especially after using my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark to set it. I love the texture, the coverage and how it wears on my skin. Sadly, it is still not the best shade even after manipulation so I gave it to my friend who loves it. I would repurchase it in a heart beat once they make a darker shade and I really hope they do because I love it. If you have combination/oily skin and you have been shying away from BB creams due to their dewy finish, the Effaclar BB Blur is one to check out.

Overall Thoughts
I hope you found this round up useful and I am happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments box. I am no expert but I have used the La Roche Posay Effaclar range for a pretty long time and I have enjoyed using them. A good set La Roche Posay have is their 3-Step Anti-Blemish System which is like a complete skincare set for cleansing, toning and moisturising. It's really good value for money because you get the Purifying Foaming Gel, Effaclar Clarifying Toner and Effaclar Duo. I have not tried the set but I have tried the individual products and I really like them so it is worth checking out to save some money.  That’s pretty much my round up. What’s your favourite Effaclar product?
*Gifted PR Samples + Affiliate Links, read my full disclaimer here


  1. Im so jealous of your collection! I definitely want to try the Effaclar Duo+ and the BB Blur! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. Awww thanks darlyn!! I am a little obsessed with La Roche Posay products!! You would absolutely love the BB Blur especially if you have combination/oily skin...xx

  2. I love La- Roche Posay and have mentioned them a few times on my blog but never tried that range! Thanks for the tip :-)

    1. Thanks a lot lovely!! I would go and search for your posts so I can have a good read!!...xx


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