Vichy Dermablend Foundation Review (Coffee)

Vichy is one French Pharmacy brand that I absolutely love and I have been pleased to try out this year. I love their skincare products and I am so pleased they also have a makeup range- Dermablend. If you remember my Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum* postover here, I did mention I was very keen to try the Dermablend range. You can imagine my delight when I was kindly invited to the Discover Vichy Event* back in August and got a chance to test it. The Dermablend range had been extended to include three more shades to cater to a wider range of skin tones. They now have Porcelain (for paler complexions) and Coffee and Espresso for darker complexion. I was excited to say the least because the Dermablend range is excellent for covering blemishes and perfect for acne/blemish prone skin. At the event, the lovely makeup artist matched me to two shades- Gold (45) and Espresso (75) and it looked perfect. I even got several compliments on the day.

However, I could not for the life of me get the right mix again no matter what I did when I got home. I decided to pop into Boots and try the Coffee (65) shade. Thankfully, it was a very good match as you would see in the swatch below. I promptly purchased it and I could not have been more delighted to test it out. I have been using it for a little while now and I think it’s about time I did a full review. I was also kindly gifted the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder which I adore because it just keeps my face shine free.  I will be reviewing the powder separately so keep an eye out for it.
I always prefer foundation packaging to come in a bottle complete with a pump, however, I am loving tube packaging. I find that they are very easy to travel with and I have been enjoying popping them in my bag. The Vichy Dermablend packaging looks very classy with its black design and it looks more expensive than it is. This is no surprise at all because Vichy has one of the best packaging for the drugstore. I have not experienced any mess or wastage while storing it which I am super pleased about. I have used some foundations or even creams in tubes that are so messy when you store them standing upright . I am so pleased the Vichy Dermablend foundation does not do that and I usually pop it in my bag when I am off to Scotland.

 I think one of the reasons why it does not get messy is because it has such a lovely texture. It is not too thick or runny and that really helps with how easy it is to blend. I usually apply one drop as a first layer and then blend it out with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Beauty Blender. I do prefer to use my RT Blending Brush with it though. I usually go back with a second layer around my cheeks where I have the most hyper pigmentation and it does an amazing job at covering it.

I would describe it as a medium coverage with the weight/feel of a light foundation. It does not sit heavy on my skin at all and I barely notice it is there. I think this is very important for blemish prone skin because foundations that feel heavy may clog up the pores. I am most impressed with the finish as it sets to a velvet matte finish which I adore. I usually set it with the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder* or a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. I think it is a finish that would suit many skin types because it does not feel too matte and it’s certainly not too dewy. Of course, if you love a super matte finish, you could always use a mattifying powder and a spray if you want a dewy finish

Lasting Power
I don’t know about you but I am always concerned about coverage and lasting power. I don’t want to have to touch up my face often or at all, if possible. I am so pleased to report that the Vichy Dermablend Foundation has a good lasting power on my combination oily skin. I always use a primer and set with a powder so I guess that also helps. I have only ever had to touch up once in a day and it is mainly to remove shine on my T-zone (using a powder). The coverage remained pretty much the same with slight fading towards the end of the day which is not unheard of. I am impressed with its lasting power and I did test it out during Summer when it held up really well.

Price// £18// Currently on offer (links below)
It retails for £18 which I think is pretty affordable. It is a little more expensive than a regular drug store foundation but it is not drug store quality. I would classify it as mid-range or a high end quality for a mid-range price. I have a lot of foundations that are super expensive and sometimes, they are not even good for my acne-prone skin. You can imagine how blissful it is finding a good foundation that does not cause more problems for acne-prone skin which offers good coverage. The best part is  Dermacenter, Escentual and Boots always have one offer or the other and it is a good time to always stock up

I really applaud Vichy for taking the steps to add more shades for darker people. I do feel there are still some gaps and some people may still not find their shade. However, I am sure there are working hard to ensure that more people have a chance to test out this lovely foundation.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased I tried out this foundation and it is one I reach for when my skin is playing up. I know I can trust it not to exacerbate any spots (if they show up) because is non-comedogenic. If you suffer from acne, have blemish prone skin or hyper pigmentation you want covered, this is definitely one to try. I also think it is pretty affordable given the quality of product you get and the best part is it is usually on offer. I have really enjoyed using this foundation and highly recommend for anyone who has  acne prone skin.
*PR Sample +  Affiliate links used below (I was kindly gifted with the Gold and Espresso Shade however I purchased the shade Coffee myself) ,read my full disclaimer here.


  1. I'm sold, now it's just a case of finding the right shade for me. I cannot wait to read your review on the powder. It's in several baskets already after you mentioned it on IG I think, but I'm excited knowing you're gonna walk me through it ;)
    Sal xxx
    UmmBabyBeauty | @ummbaby

    1. It is definitely one you would like. I am not sure what your complexion is but I guess the shade 55 may be suitable for you. I have a review of the powder now and I know you would love it. It is very finely milled, does not leave a white cast and helps control my oil so I would recommend it...xx

  2. Great review! looks like great fountations!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love the brand!

    1. It is in indeed and it is not very frequent you find a brand that makes good skincare and makeup at the same time. Vichy really make such lovely products!!...xx

  3. also has it with 10% off now as well

    1. Thanks for letting us know and stopping over...xx


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