NARS Glossy Box Review (Contents + Pictures)

I don't think there has been any beauty box I have lusted after as much as this NARS Glossy Box one. The first time I heard about it was back in June on  London Beauty Queen's Blog  and Instagram and I quickly saved the date. When the launch date inched closer, I registered for early access on Glossy Box website and patiently waited. Would you believe I actually forgot to order it by 9am (which was a good thing because I heard people had issues at that time). I remembered around 9.20am because I was at work and was trying to meet a deadline. I literally screamed when I remembered and went on the website and luckily for me, I snagged one. Phew!! I already knew the contents of this box as it had been shown on quite a few blogs and YouTube videos so it was a no-brainer for me. I am pleased with the shades they chose for the contents of the box although I wish they varied some of the shades. The theme was  more of a  pink theme (and two Orgasm shades as well). I  was a little hesitant in doing a review of this box  seeing that it is impossible to get hold of now (it sold out within 30 minutes). However, I do think some people still want to see what’s inside and perhaps, make a decision on any full sized products they may want to purchase. Apparently, there were only 3000 boxes produced so it's quite the collector's edition box.

I would not necessarily say this box is a must-have especially if you have a lot of NARS products in your stash. If you are new to NARS and want to learn more about the brand without necessarily damaging your bank account, this is a good way. I would not say I have a lot of NARS products but I am a miniature makeup hoarder so I knew I had to get this. I love how compact and travel friendly they are. Although they are miniature sizes, they are not that tiny. They are proper deluxe versions made with the same packaging as the full size and I think that’s where the beauty lies in. Without much ado, let’s explore the contents of the box…

Generally, I love the packaging of beauty boxes but the NARS Glossy Box is outstanding. It comes in lovely velvety matte box (very unhelpful description but that’s all I can come up with). It feels very lush just like NARS products in general and I love it. Inside the box, there is a little booklet which describes the products in the box which is helpful. The products are wrapped in a nice black wrapping tissue complete with a NARS satin bow. Mind you, I had already opened the box way before I even attempted taking any photos so it was better tied than this. Underneath all the fancy wrapping lies five deluxe sized NARS Products which include the new NARS Audacious Mascara, NARS Blush in Orgasm, NARS Multiple in Orgasm (exclusive), NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugen and NARS Larger than Life Eyeliner in Via Veneto. My greedy self honestly wished they added in one of their gorgeous Audacious Lipsticks.

NARS Audacious Mascara// £20 // Link (full size)
I was quite excited to try this mascara out after reading so many reviews about it. First off, I really like the packaging. It feels super lush and it’s very well made. It also has a red top which gives it a very interesting look which I love. I never really know how to rate Mascara samples because I feel many miniature mascara samples perform way better than the full size. Many sales ladies at beauty counters have also confirmed this. However, I do like the bristles of this mascara as have different sizes from top to bottom which means they can pick up the tiniest lash. I need to test it out for longer before I make up my mind but I like it so far.

NARS Blush in Orgasm// £23 // Link (full size)
I am fascinated by how tiny this blush is and I think it is one of my favourite product in this box. I believe it is about the same size as a NARS single eyeshadow so you do get a good amount. I am sure Orgasm needs no introduction as it is one of the more popular NARS blushes. It is not one I would have purchased its full size because I didn’t think it will suit my complexion. However, it is actually alright. It acts as a really soft pink subtle blush on my complexion and also provides a soft highlight which looks flattering. NARS blushes are well pigmented so you don’t have to worry too much about them and I think this is a lovely blush for everyday wear.

NARS Multiple in Orgasm// £29 // Link (full size)
I think this may be my least used product of the lot because I am never really crazy about cream products. It is also ridiculously cute but I have not actually used it yet. It is a lovely pink shade and I am not sure if it would show up on my complexion. I may actually be giving this out or just stare at its cuteness. I wish it was a darker shade as it would have been perfect as a contour. I think this would serve more as a really subtle cream blush if I end up using it. If you have a fairer complexion or olive toned complexion, I think you would like this a lot.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugen //£19 // Link (Full size)
I already have the same lip pencil which I received from Sephora as part of their birthday present offer (read post here). I love this Lip Pencil so much and I am so glad I now have a backup now. I honestly feel there is no need to have the full size pencils because these deluxe version last a really long time. I have had my first Rikugen since the beginning of the year and I still have a lot left. I don’t use it every day obviously but a little goes a long way. It is also a soft warm pink shade which appears to look flattering on many complexions.

NARS Larger than Life Eyeliner in Via Veneto // £19 // Link (Full size)
I also already have this eye liner sample and it has been reviewed here if you fancy a read. It is one of the few eyeliners that work well on my sensitive eyes. It is suitable for contact lens wearers like me and it never irritates me. I don’t use it as a regular eyeliner but I prefer to use it to line my waterline and it looks amazing. It glides on so easily, does not budge and lasts all day until I am ready to take it off. I don’t think it is the blackest formula out there but I absolutely love how flattering it looks on my complexion.

The box cost me £35 excluding P&P which was around £3.95. At the end of the day, I paid just under £40 for it which is not too terrible in my opinion. If you are already a subscriber of Glossy Box, then you get it for £30 which brings down the cost a whole lot. However, I am not too crazy about beauty boxes at the moment and I am not subscribed to any.

Can you still get this box?
I am sure some people may be selling it on Ebay but I have not checked yet. It is indeed a lovely box to own. I believe Glossy Box is currently offering a chance to win one of these boxes (I think they have 6 on offer) so there’s still a chance to win it.The best part is the boxes they are giving out will contain full sizes of these products so it is definitely an exciting one. Otherwise, I guess we all have to wait till another collaboration comes up.

Overall Thoughts
As mentioned earlier, I don' t think this box is a must-have if you already have a good number of NARS products. There is a high chance you would already own some products inside the box. However, if you are a miniature makeup hoarder like me or you are new to NARS, this is one box that you need to try. It’s a shame it is sold out now but I guess you can still win one. I wish they varied the shades in the box to include other shades apart from Orgasm but I guess they chose popular products.  I am really pleased I purchased it and I look forward to enjoying the products. That’s all my lovelies and have an amazing week ahead. Did you get the NARS Glossy Box?...xx
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  1. Omg this box is gorgeous! You got some amazing products!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. Thanks a lot hun!! It's really a lovely box especially if you are new to NARS!!..xx

  2. Great post :) I got it too, and I was pretty pleased with it!

    1. Thanks a lot lovely!! I will check out your post in a minute!! I am glad you got it as well as it was sold out in a heart beat...xx

  3. This box looked such amazing value! I didn't pick it up as I was trying to be good and already have Orgasm, but the sizes are impressive :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I totally agree and I have to applaud your self control fr not attempting to pick this box up. Hehehehe but you did well not picking it up if you already have Orgasm...xx

  4. The box has so many great stuff in it....Nars always gets me with their packaging.

    Always wanted to try the orgasm blush but after reading your review on it, I think I'll pass on it.

    1. Yes oo, their packaging always stand out and I am always all over anything black!! The Orgasm Blush is a nice one but it does not show up the best on my skin. If you are looking for one to purchase, I highly recommend Taj's incredible and a review will be up soon....xx

  5. It was really a lovely box and I am super pleased I got it!! NARS is quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brand...xx


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