Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palette Review (Hollywood)

I remember when I first saw Tanya Burr's collection in Superdrug; I liked the packaging but I thought it was better suited for the younger folks. Fast forward Summer 2015, she relaunched her brand with more products and better packaging. I definitely prefer the new packaging and the Hollywood Palette caught my attention. First off, the colours are down my street as you all know I favour a warm golden eyeshadow palette. I do love palettes with bright and cool colours as well but I try to stick to warm neutrals when I am testing out a new brand. The Hollywood palette was constantly sold out in the Superdrug close to my office and home so I had to resort to placing an online order. If I make an online order of a drug store product, then you know it's a products I really want. It came pretty fast and I was really pleased with how it looked on first impressions.

I quite like the packaging as it is a simple glam design. It has a golden and pink theme going on and I think that really makes it stand out. It is made from cardboard but one of a sturdy kind so it does not feel cheap/flimsy. I am super pleased she did not bother with including a brush in this palette. 90% of all eyeshadow brushes that come in palettes are completely useless and take up so much space in the palette. There is a magnetic closure going on in there and it is a pretty secure palette. I have travelled with it a few times and I have not had any accidents at all.  It also has the names of the eyeshadows in the palette which is very handy and I always like it when brands do so. There is a small heart shaped mirror which is super cute and goes with the entire theme of the palette. I am really pleased with the packaging of this palette.

Shades/Colours Inside the Palette
The Hollywood palette contains four lovely eyeshadows which are really pretty. As mentioned earlier, it is described as a really golden warm eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadows include:

Nude Delight- It is a light beige shade with a matte finish which I love for highlighting my brow bone. It would also look great as an all over lid colour for my paler skin ladies.
Gold Coin- this is a creamy beige shade with a slight golden undertone. It has a satin (almost matte but not quite) finish which makes it really easy to use. I love using this on my eyelids when I want a softer look.
Bookworm- This is a lovely brown shade which is perfect for my crease. I would like to think it has a matte finish but it feels like satin. I know that's not very helpful  description but it does have a lovely finish. As you would have guessed, I love to use this in my crease as it really warms it up.
Enchantment- I think this shade was one I really wanted to try but I am slightly disappointed and I'd tell you why. It is a lovely golden shade with a metallic finish. It has some visible gold glitter or particles which did not bother me at first but after a few uses, it bothered me a lot. I use this mainly on my lids and I find it works so much better on top of a cream eyeshadow. On its own, it's a little bit difficult to adhere to my eyelids because it has a lot of fall outs of the glitter speckles.

I have to say I am pretty impressed with the pigmentation of this palette particularly on my skin tone. I find that some eyeshadows may be pigmented on paler/lighter skin tones but appear invisible on mine. I am happy to report this palette is a really good all rounder. As a woman of colour, I always favour eyeshadows with good pigmentation and I am pleased with this palette. To be honest, I think the drug store has improved with the products they have been creating. Although it is well pigmented, I always use a primer and a cream shadow base underneath the eyeshadows in this palette. I do this to help it appear better on my eyelids. I already mentioned that some of the shades have fallouts particularly Enchanted. However, I make sure I pat off any excess before applying the eyeshadows to my eyelid.

Well, I am also huge on longevity as well as pigmentation. Over time I have come to realise that good pigmentation in some eyeshadows do not necessarily equate  to longevity. I would classify the Tanya Burr Hollywood palette as having a fair longevity on its own (without a primer and eyeshadow base) However, its longevity quickly increases once the eyeshadows are used with an eyeshadow primer and cream shadow base underneath. As you would imagine, I always use a primer and eyeshadow base. I only tested it without these other additions for the sole purpose of this review and I was curious.

I can't really think of anything about this palette I don't like except the fallouts from some of the eyeshadows. I guess its availability may also be an issue for some people but Feel Unique deliver worldwide I think so it's still slightly internationally available. It is sad it's not sold in Boots which have a more sensible loyalty points system. I am not sure if it is sold in the US or other countries and if it, do leave us a link below.

Cost// Link
It is super affordable at £5.99 and I think it is an amazing palette for such a price. If you are lucky to find it when Superdrug have 3 for 2 offers, it would even be more of a bargain. I am not sure where else they sell this palette or the entire Tanya Burr range but I have only seen it in Superdrug and Feel Unique website. If you don't find it in the nearest Superdrug store to you, you can always place an order online.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased I finally got a chance to try this lovely palette out. I have enjoyed using it and it's perfect for a very simple warm neutral look. It's also easy to travel with as a result of its cute packaging. As mentioned, using a primer would help the pigmentation and longevity of the eyeshadow palette.  I love how versatile the eyeshadow palette is and I think girls, ladies and women would absolutely enjoy it. That's pretty much it!! Hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried the Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette?

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  1. This palette looks gorgeous! Adore the shades ��I am eagerly awaiting her bronzer, blush and highlighter trio palettes to arrive !

    1. I totally agree with you!!! Oh you are so lucky that you can use the bronzer/blusher and highlighter!! I don't think they would show up on my skin tone but I have heard many good things about them...xx

  2. Great post as always and your images.. ah giving me life! awesome is an understatement! one point of correction though I think the gold eye shadow you talked so much about is "Enchantment" not "Enchanted" like you wrote when reviewing each shadow. Cheers!

    1. Thanks a lot darlyn!! I am so glad you enjoyed this post and the pictures!! Thank you so much for correcting me!! I wonder what I was thinking; I guess I thought Enchanted sounded better...hehehehehe... I have now corrected it!! xx


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