Fake Bake Beauty Skincare Review

I talked about the Fake Bake Beauty Makeup range last week on the blog and I promised to tell you more about the Fake Bake Beauty Skincare range. I have been really impressed with the range and the skincare range did not disappoint at all. I received three products from their range and they include the Skin D-Luxe Cleansing Melt*, Skin D-Luxe Age Defying Moisturiser* and the Dolce Dreams Lemon Meringue Body Whip*. I already mentioned that I received them during the Fake Bake Beauty at Home event I attended  and I have been trying them out for a month now. One of the products within the range is an absolute stand out for me and one to repurchase but you have to read on to find out...

Skin D-Luxe Dream Skin Cleansing Melt*// £22 // Link
Yeah, you did not have to go far to find out my favourite from the range and I have mentioned this cleanser a few times here and here. The Skin D-Luxe Cleansing Melt is the most used product I received from this range and I absolutely love it. I am a huge fan of using cleansing balms to take off my makeup especially now that the weather has changed and my skin craves products that feel nourishing. The Skin D-Luxe Cleansing Melt is so easy to apply and you only need a little as it goes a long way. I take a little amount of my finger tips, spread it across my face and it just melts so easily. I remember when I hated using anything greasy for my face especially when it had makeup on it as it just felt like I was being messy with my makeup. However, I have been full converted after I got really good results. I dare say that using cleansing balms or oils are one of the most effective way of removing makeup because oil melts off makeup so easily. I think I prefer using cleansing balms because they feel more nourishing on the skin and slightly less messy than an oil although they work in the same way.

It is enriched with Tamanu Oil, Moringa Seed Oil and Palmitoyl Tripeptide -38 which makes it not just a good makeup remover but one with added skin benefits. There are two ways I use it in removing my makeup. The first way is using a muslin cloth (run over hand-hot water) or just washing it off with warm water. Both ways are really effective but I do prefer to use it with a muslin cloth because I can use that opportunity to remove any stubborn eye makeup. If you choose to use warm water directly to remove it, it turns the balm to a milky emulsion which rinses off easily. 

I have used some balms that still leave a greasy film on the face after rinsing it off but I am so glad this does not do that at all. Once my makeup is removed, I proceed to my second cleanse with any of my favourite cleansers and my Foreo Luna Mini*. I really enjoy using this cleansing balm because a little goes a long way. I think I may have used 1/8th of it  (I took these pictures last month which is why it still looks full). If you want to try any new product from the range, I highly recommend trying the Cleansing Melt out and at the price, it hardly breaks a bank and would last a long time.

Skin D-Luxe Prime Time Age Defying Moisturiser*// £19.95 // Link
The first thing that stood out for me was the packaging which looks so portable. Most of the moisturisers I have come with slightly heavy packaging but I like this one because it is so light and easy to travel with. It is described as an age defying moisturiser which makes me think it  is targeted towards more matured women/skin. It is enriched with Essential Fatty Acids, Watermelon, Lentil and Apple Extracts among other ingredients which are good for all skin types.

The texture is quite a light one which I like because I am not a fan of moisturisers that feel greasy or sit heavy on my skin.  I love to use this when I travel because it is really portable. If you have drier or very dehydrated skin, you may want to try something that feels a little more moisturising than thi. However,  I prefer its texture for my combination oily skin. It has a pump which is always handy and more hygienic for dispensing products. I won't say I have seen any outstanding benefits per say because I already mentioned it may be better suited for more matured skin. However, I like its texture and how moisturised it keeps my skin.

Dolce Dreams Lemon Meringue Body Whip *// £18 // Link
Now this has the prettiest packaging and I think it is so perfect for a girly night in or a pamper day because it is the perfect colour scheme. The Dolce Dreams Lemon Meringue Body Whip is a really indulgent body butter which literally melts into the skin on application. It smells exactly like a lemon meringue pie and dare I say a little tempting that you may want to taste it. It has such a lovely texture exactly like how other regular body whips should be but this feels much more like whipped cream (Not as thick though). It has Shea and Kocum Butter as well as Tamanu Oil among other ingredients in its formulation and I guess that's why it does a good job at retaining moisture on the skin.

I love how it applies on my skin and it's perfect for use straight after a bath or shower as it helps with moisture retention on my skin. I don't use it everyday because I do have other body moisturisers but it is one I reach for on pamper days because it just feels so good. I need to actually do an updated pamper session for Autumn because I have so many exciting products I have been trying. If you are into Body Whips or Body Butters that have delicious fragrance, this is one to check out. It would also last a really good while as well. There's not much to say except that I like it and it smells amazing.

Overall Thoughts
I already mentioned that I was very impressed with the Fake Bake Beauty range and I am so pleased I got a chance to try it. I do wish it was easier to purchase apart from their online store and perhaps they will expand soon. I do think their skincare line is very reasonably priced given the quality and ingredients used (although I do think the Body Whip is slightly on the expensive side of things).  If I were asked to choose just one product from the Fake Bake skincare range, I would definitely pick the Skin D-Luxe Cleansing Melt.  I already mentioned that I use it almost everyday and it's so perfect for this weather when my skin really craves something nourishing and indulgent. It's one I would repurchase if it ever runs out and trust me, I don't think it would at any time because a little goes a long way. That's pretty much it. Have you tried any product from the Fake Bake Skincare Range?
*Gifted PR Samples, read my full disclaimer here


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