Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat Foundation Review

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I am here with yet another Makeup review. I just love trying out makeup and beauty items. I have been eyeing this foundation for a pretty long time and I got to try out a small sample from the YSL counter where i was matched to a B70 which is basically a Beige 70. The sample actually lasted for a long time and i was pleased with how it felt against my skin. I recommend trying out samples of foundations(especially High End ones) before you eventually buy them because expensive does not always mean best quality for your skin.

                                                     7-Day Trial Sample I got
Anyways, I finally bought this foundation earlier this year and I did have to wait until there was a 10% discount in Debenhams before i purchased it.  Now, to the review of this product. My ideal foundation is tested against these criteria: Match on my skin tone, Texture and Feel on my Skin, Wearability  (how long it lasts),Coverage,  Oil Control, Ease of Application, Cost and Packaging. So, lets get cracking:


                                                     Matching my Skin Tone
This is really important for me because I definitely don't want to look ashy. This foundation is one of the few that i don't have to manipulate (or mix) to get my perfect match. I absolutely love it and I am definitely pleased with the Sales Lady who gave me the sample to test out. My match is B70 which is Beige 70. The YSL Touche Eclat Foundation comes in Beige(B) for normal/balanced beige skin tones, Beige Dore(BD) which is for skins with warm golden undertones and Beige Rose(BR) for those with cool pink undertones. In terms of matching my skin, I give it 9/10. For MAC foundation, I am a Match Master Foundation 7.0/7.5 and concealer is NC50 because I have some dark spots and blemishes.


                                       Ease of Application, Texture and Feel on my Skin
This foundation has a creamy and moisturizing feel to it. It glides on very easily and feels really smooth against my skin. Having said that, I have combination skin that tends to get really oily around my T-Zones. This foundation does get oily after a while around these areas which i just ignore(hahahhaa) or touch up with my powder if I feel like it. Asides that, it does have a lovely satin and dewy finish to my skin after application with a hint of luminosity to it. It does have a slight scent to it but I don't mind at all. I give YSL 7.5/10 for texture and feel.

                                             Wearability, Oil Control and Coverage
As I stated earlier, people like me who have combination skin with oily T-Zones should be careful when buying foundations with a satin/dewy finish because it may exacerbate oily skin around these T-Zones. This foundation has a light to medium coverage and I am not sure if it can be built up. I only use one layer but I apply my Mac Studio Finish concealer before application to hide my blemishes and dark spots. If you don't have any dark spots or blemishes, then you can get away wearing this foundation on its own(with one layer) without a concealer. I don't wear a primer either under this foundation. I have never worn this foundation on its own so i can't comment on how long it can last but it lasts almost all day with my concealer underneath it. 

I am very fussy about packaging especially if it is a high end product because I feel I should be getting extra value for any extra steep amount i have paid. I love the packaging for this foundation. It is nothing too grand but it does feel sturdy and appears to be made of high quality materials. I really like the pump that accompanies this foundation because it minimizes any waste and releases the product in an amount that is suitable for the wearer. I use on the average 2 pumps which are really tiny and I am pleased about it because it is not a particularly cheap foundation so I need it to last as long as possible.

The YSL Touche Eclat Foundation retails for £29 pounds but I waited until they had a 10% discount and I got it for £26.10 which was not too bad. It is quite a pricey foundation but I will say it is worth every penny plus you get two free samples of other YSL beauty products.


I will have to say I definitely love this foundation because it meets many of the criteria for my ideal foundation. It does leave me oily many a time but I think its benefits and good qualities outweigh its cons. Overall score for me will be an 8/10. I have been wearing this foundation for a long long time now and it may become a staple in my foundation kit.

                           Will I repurchase this foundation again? A Massive Big YES!!


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