Lunch Time at ITSU Restaurant, London

Hi Lovelies,
I hope everyone has had a nice week so far. Normally, I take my homemade lunch to work because it is cheaper, I love eating them and I can monitor how much and what I am eating, etc. You know all those reasons. It doesn't mean I don't try out new places when I can. I work somewhere in Central London and the shops/restaurants/eateries are really expensive so I steer clear of them. Anyways, I happened to be working in another office for a day and i didn't bring my lunch so i just thought, hey, I might as well try out one of the places around to get a decent healthy lunch.



I came across ITSU restaurant (i think it is, it just says ITSU) and i was attracted by the lovely posters and signage outside the building. It had bright colors and the price did not seem too bad so I ventured in. By the way, they have a different shops and diners all around London (link to ITSU Locations)

The interior was pretty cool and the waitresses were very friendly, polite and patient with me because i could not decide what I was getting (poor waitresses being stressed by all my questions)
Everything looked really healthy, fresh and clean. They had a decent amount of customers in there who wanted to grab a quick lunch. They had a wide variety of prepacked lunches in either medium or large pots or plates which had very attractive packaging. They also had a small station where they had different sauces and seeds to spruce up your meal.

After a lot of looking around, I opted for a Potsu Medium Chargrilled Chicken accompanied with brown wild rice and spruced up with Ithai sauce, Kombu and 7 vegetables medley which include Mange Tout, Green Beans, Green Peppers, Red peppers, etc which was a decent 360 Calories. I also ordered a Fro-Go which a Zero Fat Probiotic Yogurt with chocolate belle sprinkles (Guys, I was not even thinking of being healthy at this point hahahaha cos this bad boy has 200 calories in it).

The taste was heavenly and i felt my body was being nourished by the food. The presentation was very appealing and I could tell the ingredients were fresh. Surprisingly, I felt really full even though i ordered a medium Potsu. I was a very happy bear.

I proceeded to demolish my Fro-go but I could not complete this because I was really full but I had a nice spoonful. It tasted really really good and the chocolate sprinkles tasted like it was a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolates which are my favorite types of chocolates. I had to put it in the fridge at work for later when i felt perkish.


Overall, I had a nice time in Itsu with their Potsu and Frogo. I loved the exterior and interior of the building and they were really attractive and eye catching to me. The presentation of the food was excellent and the packaging was very colorful as well. 



The Potsu pots were very durable and i did not experience any leaks or spillages which was excellent. The yogurt packaging was not too bad but i don't expect people to carry a frozen yogurt for a long walk. I also liked the fact that their tissue/serviette was customized with a nice little message talking about their food and the prices.


The prices were a bit on the high side so I don't imagine myself coming here too often but I will say it is good value for what you get.  The Medium Chargrilled Chicken Potsu I had cost £4.49 and the Chocolate Belle Sprinkled Fro-Go cost £2.99 which i think is a bit extravagant but I can only speak for myself.

                                 Medium Potsu Chargrilled Chicken with Brown Wild Rice £4.49

                               Chocloate Belle Sprinkle Fro-Go £2.99
Lastly, i really like how they put pictures of hot guys and girl on the Potsu packaging maybe it is a ploy to make you think eating healthily (at Itsu) may result in such amazing bodies...hahahaha


On another side of the packaging, there is a little story about eating beautiful which dates back to the ancient times...

All in all, I had a lovely time in there and I would have taken more pictures of the interior but I am still very shy to take pictures in public places especially when people just want to get their lunches and race back to their offices but I guess with time I will become bolder...

Here is a link to their website: ITSU

Have you ever been to an ITSU Shop or Diner?


  1. That's because of this kind of reviews that I'm a proud Itsu's worker! Hope you get fun enjoying our beautiful and healthy food more times! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. For some bizarre reason, I am just seeing it now. I will definitely try out other options available in ITSU. Thanks for stopping by...


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