DIY: How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes for a Clean and Fresh Skin.


Hi Lovelies,

I have been meaning to put this post up but for some reason I have been so busy but I am glad it is finally up.      
So, I have sensitive oily skin which means any amount of mess on my face could lead to an outbreak of acne so I try as much as possible to ensure my face (and skin in general) is always clean. I wear foundation almost on a daily basis because I like to have a smooth finish to my face and we all know makeup could clog your skin if you don't take it off properly and cleanse your face afterwards. Another common way to introduce bacteria, dirt and clogs is through your makeup brushes which is why i clean mine once a week. I will share with you below how i clean my brushes (Apologies for many pictures but that was the easiest way to illustrate):


Things you need:
A bowl filled with warm water
A dry clean towel
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Brush Cleaner (Optional)
Paper Towels


Step 1
  • Assemble all you need in a nice clear space
  • Place your brushes nearby

Step 2
  • Spray your brushes with the brush cleaner. I use ELF brush cleaner which is basically made of alcohol and it kills the bacteria on the brushes (I also spray my brushes with this everyday after use). I let it sit for a about 5 to 10 minutes

Step 3
  • Place some olive oil into a small flat lid and gentle swirl the brushes inside. This step is important in order to break down any product build-up on your brushes especially foundation.


  • Take care not to swirl the brushes for too long so as to avoid greasy brushes. 

Place the oiled brushes on some paper towels.


Step 4
  • Place some Shampoo into the bowl of clean warm water. I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo, you can you use any shampoo even baby shampoo is excellent.
  •  I place enough to form a nice fluffy lather and work it up with my hand

Step 5
  • Gently swirl your brushes inside the shampooed water and you can use your hands as a surface to rub against the brushes to get more dirt out.
  • After the first wash, the brushes look a bit clean (not clean enough though!) and i place them on a paper towel while I changed the water.
  •  The initial wash water was a hot mess! (actually looks like hot chocolate) :-)

Step 6
  • Place another bowl of warm water with some shampoo and wash the brushes again just like Step 5 trying to get more dirt and oil out as much as possible. 
  • After the second wash, the brushes look a whole lot more cleaner and feel softer.
  •  The second wash water is not as bad as the first :-)

Step 7
  • Place some cold water in a bowl and rinse the brushes thoroughly gently swirling against your hand to get any shampoo off.
  • I prefer to rinse with cold water because I feel the brushes feel cleaner and fresher.
  •  This time the rinse water is almost clear.


Step 8 (Optional)
  • You can spray the clean brushes lightly with the ELF brush cleaner to get rid of any last germs lurking around while you place the brushes out to dry.
  • You can see the brushes are a whole lot cleaner than in the beginning. I prefer brushes like the Real Technique brushes which have white tips so you can see when the brush is clean which you can see from the pictures
Step 9
  • Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to air dry them in the sun through my window.

  • Voila!! Clean lovely fresh brushes for the week and a clean fresher face to follow.
Normally, I wash my brushes in the Bathroom Sink but for the purpose of this post, I used a bowl in my room which was not bad at all plus it was not as messy as i thought it would be.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I had a lot of fun writing this. I may do another post talking about my essential brushes. Some of the brushes in the pictures are mainly from Body Shop, ELF, Lancome and Real Technique Brushes.

Have a wonderful week ahead...xxxx


  1. awesome tips, I normally just use water and soap but now I know that I can also used olive oil

    1. Thank you for your comment and I am glad your learned something new..x


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