Christmas Gift Guide for Him (Men's Edition)

I don't think I have ever done a stand alone Christmas Gift Guide for men so I am very excited to be writing a first one. I don't feature a lot of men's products or gifts on here and I totally should because I have loads of friends who always ask me what gift to get the special men in their lives. I think buying gifts for guys is fairly straightforward as it all depends on what the guy likes. For women, there is a wide choice to choose from and I think it is slightly more complicated. Do you agree? Anyways, back to this Christmas Gift Guide for Men. I did not include any fashion, accessories or tech stuff; I just stuck to body care and fragrance. I hope you enjoy this post....

Project Renegades Fragrance*// Link // £155 (review)
I already reviewed this fragrance at the beginning of the year and I absolutely love it. It is a unisex fragrance but I think it may be geared a little bit more towards men. I still love it because I have always been a huge fan of using my Dad's fragrance since I was a kid so I love androgynous scents. The design of the Project Renegades fragrance is absolutely stunning and so unique. I love everything from the outer packaging to the bottles themselves and I know many guys will love this scent. I gave one of these perfumes to my man. He used every single drop of the perfume and he hardly ever finishes fragrances. This will be an incredible Christmas gift choice and I believe it is only currently sold in Harvey Nichols. There are three versions named after their founders- Geza Schoen, Mark Buxton and Betrand Duchaufour and they smell incredible.

Escentric Molecule 01 Fragrance*//Link //£72 (review)
Still keeping on with unique fragrances, I will highly recommend getting the Escentric Molecule 01 fragrance for that special man in your life. It is also a unisex fragrance and I am such a huge fan. It's one of those unique fragrances that smells different on everyone depending on their natural scent. It is a super sexy fragrance and I can't imagine any guy who would not adore this scent. Incidentally, one of the founders of Project Renegades also founded Escentric Molecules fragrances- Geza Schoen. Escentric Molecule 01 comes in 100ml and 30ml travel sizes.

Molton Brown Russian Leather Collection*// Link // £104
This was my favourite launch from Molton Brown this year because I don't think I have smelt anything like this scent. I was kindly invited to the launch party back in September and I was gifted the entire collection. The Russian Leather Collection is intense, sexy and sophisticated. It is definitely more of a guy's fragrance but it does not stop me from using it whenever I can. I gave the fragrance to my man and it just smells divine on him. The fragrance lasts all day and still as intense/fresh as it was when spritzed in the morning. Molton Brown describes the Russian Leather collection as the perfect way to ignite your senses with the enigmatic aromas of Siberia wilderness and I absolutely agree. The ingredients used in the fragrance include aged leather accord, smoky black tea, deep tobacco, fresh elemi, vetiver and spicy purple basil. Within the Russian Leather collection, you get a Shower Gel, Eau de Toilette (which lasts longer than many EDPs I own), Single Wick Candle and a Three-Wick Candle. They have amazing gift sets here (£59), here (£65) and here (£104). The one in this picture is the Body and Home Fragrance Gift Set which retails for £104. I wish they had a Body Cream too and I would purchase it in a heart beat!! You can purchase these products individually or in the gift sets and they all come beautifully wrapped too.

Charles Farris Candle*//Link //£32
I have noticed that there are not many candles specially made for men and that's why I am so glad that Charles Farris has a range catered to men. The name of this candle is Grand Cascade and it smells so gorgeous. I love the packaging to begin with and the candle jar/tub is very sturdy. It is a high quality candle and burns like a dream. It releases its scent slowly but it lingers even after you have turned off the candle. I will highly recommend checking out their range of candles here as they have some lovely fragrances and sets.

Scotch Porter Beard Care Range //Link // from £18.75
If there are any any products that my man loves, it will have tobe moisturiser, fragrance and beard care. It makes it easy for me to pick out gifts for him because he is very loyal to brands. He has a mustache and beard and he takes really good care of them. One of his favourite brands is the Scotch Porter Beard Care. He appears to love them and has repurchased from them quite a few times. The quality of the products are excellent and I actually love the simple packaging. It is slightly harder to get here in the UK but I tracked down a link here (UK link) I think they are sold mainly in the US. If you are looking for a nice Christmas Gift for any of your loved ones who have beards/mustaches, I will recommend checking out this brand.

Woods of Windsor Blackberry & Thyme Range // Link //from £4.99
I could not resist adding Woods of Windsor to this Gift Guide. It is mainly because their Blackberry & Thyme range (which is part of their Gardeners Collection) is pretty amazing. It smells so fresh and I know it will be a lovely gift for anyone. The blend of blackberry and thyme smells so fresh. The range comes with a Hand Wash, Exfoliating Hand Scrub and Hand Cream. If you have a loved one who loves gardening, I think they will love this scent as it reminds me of very fresh herbs, flowers and shrubs. It will also make a great housewarming gift for anyone who just moved houses.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat different post and you have got some gift ideas. I will be posting two more Christmas Gift Guides so keep your eyes peeled for this posts. Fingers crossed, I am hoping to get them out this week. See you in my next post..xx
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