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I hope you are all having a good weekend. Taking care of my skin is very important to me because let's face it, I  have only one skin so I may as well take good care of while I can. I always favour using organic products because I feel they don't irritate my skin.  I don't mind using inorganic products which sometimes act faster but whenever I have the opportunity to use organic products, I always jump at it. My Acne is now under control (Hallelujah!!). I would be sharing my story in another blog post but for today, let's concentrate on my favourite organic oil.

During my research on good skin care routine for my Acne via the internet, i came across various recommendations to try Vitamin E Oil or Cream as Vitamin E is good for blemishes and useful for fading away scars. Obviously, I am no skincare expert so I am just sharing my experience on what has worked for me. I actually wanted to do a unified blog post for the Dr Organic range which includes the Vitamin E Oil and Cream but it was so lengthy and I know you get bored with a long post which is why I decided to split it up. Let's get started...

The Dr Organic Brand
I have always seen the Dr Organic brand in Holland and Barrett which is where I bought this oil. I know the brand mainly for their Manuka Honey which always looks enticing but somehow I never bothered buying it. Dr Organic is a skincare brand which prides itself in producing organic products to the highest and purest quality they can muster which is music to my organic product loving ears.

I quite like the packaging of the Dr Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil Complex because it is very practical. It comes with an outer package which I recommend you preserve like I have done so you can travel with it in safe packaging to prevent any spillage or damage. The bottle itself is Amber coloured which takes me back to when I was in Uni and we had to engage in some experiments in the lab. Amber coloured bottles/packaging generally protect any product from oxidation or any reaction with light so I am pretty sure that was the thinking behind using it. The bottle itself has a small dropper inside which allows you dispense the right amount of oil you need which I think is very handy to prevent any waste as you really only need very little.

As you may have guessed, it contains Vitamin E Oil in a pure form (Tocopherol) which is one of the forms that is easily absorbed by the human body. Apart from  Vitamin E which has a strength of 10,000 iu, it also contains Rose Hip Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and  Jojoba Oil among other organic oils and herbs which all come together to form the nicest,smoothing oil ever. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is very useful to know.

I know a lot of people are terrified of using oils on their face. Some are okay with using it on other parts of their body but many people, especially oily skin ladies (shout out to all of us, we rock!) prefer not to use any oil on their face and I totally understand why. But this oil is different because it is well absorbed just like the Gamila Secret Face Oil.Of course, when you rub it on your hands or face, it does feel a little oily but it gets absorbed really fast leaving your skin really soft.

For me, I cleanse my face thoroughly, then use a clarifying lotion like my Clinique Clarifying Lotion and apply the oil straight after. I usually follow with the Vitamin E moisturising Cream (review here) if it's night time or just my normal SPFand I am done with face. I apply my makeup and I am good to go. It  allows my makeup glide across my face so easily.

Blemish and Acne Scarring wise, I did not see immediate changes. In fact, I saw significant changes almost a month after I started using it. The immediate changes I saw was in the texture of my skin. My skin has become really soft ever since I started using it. Not only soft but my acne has miraculously reduced significantly and I believe this oil played a big part. I used both the Vitamin E Oil and the Vitamin E Moisturising Cream (both from the Dr Organic Brand) although I only used the cream at night as it could be quite heavy. I have enjoyed using this oil and my skin has really improved so much so that the boyfriend actually commented on it. I am quite pleased and I will definitely keep using it.

It is really affordable and if you buy it from Hollands and Barrett, you can get a good deal which was why i bought both the oil and cream. Holland and Barrett always have sales such as buy one get other half price or their popular penny sale where you buy one and get an equivalent for a penny. The Oil costs £8.99 (it's now £8.49) which is really affordable as I have only gone through half of the bottle as you can see from the picture. It would definitely last you a long while because you really need a little.

1. I have heard it has broken a few people out but I did not experience any at all (thank God) but I think it will be useful to test it first on your skin before going all the way.
2. It could be quite oily on application although your skin would absorb it in a short while but many ladies do not like this. (No one said beauty had to be easy ladies!!)
3. After it is absorbed on your skin, your chances of experiencing an oily T-zone before the end of the day is highly increased except you use a bad ass primer. I find that my skin becomes extra shiny by the end of the day compared to days when I have not used it.

Clearly, you can see I love it. I have been using it for exactly two months now and my skin has made a massive improvement. My acne has become non-existent (except for a few naughty hormonal ones) and my dark blemishes are fast clearing. This is not a quick fix product. I heard a couple of people got almost instant results with their dark blemishes. Mine took a little while, in fact, I first saw improvements with the dark blemishes almost a month later but my acne was significantly reduced within a week and my skin was visible smooth and softer the night after I first used it.

Thanks for getting up to this point in this super long post. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comment box below if you want more reviews on this... see you in my next post...x


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    1. I am pleased you found it helpful!! Thanks for stopping by..


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