Chit Chat #2 and Update

I know, I know I have been a super bad blogger and I sincerely apologize. I know it has just been a week and a day but in blogging world, it feels like a year (in my opinion). I have no idea what I am going to write on here but I love reading chitchat posts so I thought I should check in and ramble on. What have I been up to? Nothing exciting I am afraid apart from my normal full time job which is  interesting in its own way but nowhere related to beauty, skincare or fashion. I have been super busy at work with a couple of projects and I have been working a little bit more than normal which explains why I have little time for this lovely little blog of mine.

*Blurry Pictures Alert: I have not had time to take many nice photos so you have to forgive me for these phone pictures-You have been warned!!*

Beauty Products Testing
I have been testing out quite a few products especially skincare and makeup items I purchased from Nigeria and I have been enjoying most of them especially the Kuddy Cosmetics range. Review will be up soon I promise!! You would think that with the new beauty stash I purchased from Nigeria I would not need any more but that has not been the case. Superdrug and Boots are responsible for my new purchases because they keep rolling out offers and they are all very good especially the 3 for 2 and half price offers. Currently Boots are running a 3 for 2 on all skincare, beauty and hair care so now is a time to pop down if you want to stock up. Some products I have been testing include the Cetaphil Cleanser, Mary Kay Foundation, Kuddy Cosmetics Foundation and Primer, Sleek Concealer Kit, Body Shop BB Cream and Instablur, etc so expect review up soon. Some of them have had their pictures taken and draft post written. I just need to have them polished off and published.

Eye Shadows (Palettes, Duos, Trios and Singles)
I have been a little in and out with eye shadows. I once went through a phase where I was obsessed with eye shadow palettes and promptly bought a few palettes from Sleek (Mediterranean and Monaco-older editions) after watching a video by YouTube Beauty Guru-BeautybyJJ. The phase lasted for a good while until I started rushing off to work and I stopped using eye shadows on weekdays. Long crap cut short, I have fallen back and hard in love with eye shadows and I have been trying out quite a few new palettes, quads, trios, duos and singles. I have a little more time in the morning so I have been practicing. I can't claim I am a maestro in eye shadow application but I am getting there and I am loving every minute of it. Some eye shadows I have tried and I am still trying include Trios from House of Tara (Nigerian Brand), MAC palette given to me by my lovely sister, Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 (*drools*) and L'Oreal Infalliable Color Eyeshadows (*double drools*). No matter how long it takes; I will review every single one of them mentioned above.

Bargains, Offers and Discounts
One area I have been raiding has been the Boots Clearance section. Ladies and Gents, you need to check there for some of the best offers ever. The thing is these clearance sections are so well hidden in Boots that you need to be really looking for it to find it which is rather alarming as you would imagine that they really need to clear these items so it should be found in a conspicuous place but that's not the case; it's almost like they don't want you to find it. You will find them in bigger Boots though as I don't think the smaller ones have them but it's advisable to look around. In the Boots near my house, the clearance section in a little corner at the last aisle and I am pretty sure no one finds it because they always seem to have a lot of products which are nice. 

I have always been a smoothies girl and I love me some fruits. I am not really into eating or chewing fruits per say but I love Black Seedless Grapes and Bananas every now and then. Making smoothies mean I can add in as much fruit as possible without having to eat them. Eating them is better as you get all the fibres and all that jazz but juicing or making them into smoothies are even more exciting. My favourite recipe included Black Grapes (as expected), strawberries, blueberries,  bananas, pineapple and coconut water. I just freeze them and throw them into my Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker and blend away. It's the most refreshing drink ever and satisfies all my cravings..

Clarins and Feel Unique Banners on Side Bar 
You may or may not have noticed some banners on my side bar. Clarins are inviting you and me of course to register your details to get first access to their sales and offers. I love Clarins especially their skin care and my favourite product is their Gentle Exfoliating Toner and I am looking to try their Cult Classic-Eye Makeup Remover. I had some samples which I reviewed here. So, I am patiently waiting having registered my details. Next on the line is a Feel Unique (Founded in 2005) who are are currently Europe’s largest online premium beauty retailer. With over 500 brands to choose from, they are the destination for beauty. The Feel Unique Offer includes a £5 off a £20 order (*drools* and whips out bank card) or 15% off your order. I think that is pretty amazing and I have registered my details as well.
* I like to upfront about these things; These are all affiliate links which means if you click them via this blog, I will be getting a small commission for your click which is not massive but can help maintain this blog..You happy, Me happy, Everyone Happy :-))

What's next?
Expect some posts and review of the above products mentioned. I have taken quite a few photos already and written a couple of draft posts so I have not technically abandoned this blog and I can really get so much done when I have some free time but the free time is such a struggle to get these days but I am hopeful things will get better pretty soon. I hope you are well and thanks a lot for sticking by/with me...xx


  1. This is such a huge list of products! :))
    No wonder it's taking you time to review everything.
    I like the quality of Mary Kay products. I haven't used the Body Shop creams, but I had a stick for under the eyes (don't remember what it was called) and it was really good.

    Check my last post and an amazing giveaway - I think you'll like it xx

  2. Definitely need to try that body shop bb cream. Heard a few good reviews on YouTube about it.



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