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I know everyone, their mums, nans, etc must have heard about Glossier at some point. It's a brand I have always wanted to try because there was (and there still is) a lot of hype from bloggers and vloggers about the brand plus the founder is also a blogger (Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss). I think she is absolutely amazing for developing such a lovely brand and I feel very proud of her as a blogger. Glossier was mainly a US brand but last year things changed and it was finally available in the UK. I was over the moon and I made a quick order on the launch date because I did not want any product to go out of stock. Thankfully, the brand was well prepared as they have their warehouse here in the UK so they don't actually ship from the US to the UK for each order. I think this is amazing because you know you can get your order in good time and there will be no custom charges. At the time of launch, there was free delivery and a discount code which was great. I am sure there are still loads of discount codes floating around. If you fancy a 10% discount code, you can use my link here. Just for transparency, I get some store credit if you use my link above and you also get 10%.  There is free delivery for orders over £25 as well. I did not go crazy at all as I wanted to try out the brand first and then make future orders later. I got the Glossier Phase 1 Set which consists of the best selling Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and the Balm Dotcom (Cherry Flavour). You get to choose what flavour you want of the Balm Dotcom which is great. Let's get into the review.

If there is one thing that instantly caught my attention, it has to be the packaging. I am not usually a crazy pink lover but I love the shade of pink used in the brand. It is a soft pink that feels feminine without being too girly. I love the pink and white theme of the entire brand and how minimal the packaging is. I am not going to lie; I was looking forward to ordering so I could get the pink ziploc pouches and stickers (super big baby me!!). It's so silly but I think it is a unique  touch and really stands out. The pink ziplock-like pouch is very handy for travelling. I actually want to place more orders just so I can have more pouches. My order came really well packaged in a white box with all the products in the pouch, stickers and some samples. The box is really sturdy and can be used to store makeup or any bits you fancy. I love the minimalist theme of all the products and they look so pretty in my bathroom, dresser and makeup drawer. They just look very aesthetic and photograph well.

Milk Jelly Cleanser // Link //£15
This definitely has to be one product I really wanted to try because I have read several reviews and watched countless videos on it. I was really glad I could finally see what the hype was all about. I love the bottle as it is very handy although it contains 177ml of product. It is quite travel friendly and I love that it has a safety pump lock to prevent any accidents. Glossier describe the Milky Jelly Cleanser as the ultimate daily face wash that dissolves makeup and grime. It can be used on dry skin or wet skin but I prefer it on wet skin. It contains Glycerin, Rosewater, Pro-Vitamin B5 among other ingredients so it does feel quite moisturising. I feel like people with dry skin will adore it. I don't think it is great at removing my makeup (I do full coverage whenever I wear makeup) and I almost feel like I want to go back with another cleanser whenever I use it. However, it is amazing as a morning cleanser as it feels gentle and non-stripping. It gives my skin a clean feel in the morning but a gentle one which is one I prefer for mornings. Sometimes, I feel like I still have some product on my face but I actually don't; it's just the texture of the Milky Jelly Cleanser. I have mixed feelings about it because I wished it could work well as a cleanser and makeup remover (so I could use it in the evening). Still, I think I will repurchase it at some point. If you are looking for a similar texture, I will highly recommend the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelee Cleanser which has a very similar texture.

Priming Moisturiser // Link //£18
I love trying out new primers although my absolute favourite will always remain the Wilko Silky Mattifying Primer and the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Primer. Anyway, I was excited to see how this product lived up to the hype surrounding it. Glossier describes it as a base that visibly plumps the skin up with moisture to create a cushiony bounce and even texture to the skin. Basically, it is a hydrating moisturiser with priming abilities. Now, people go for primers for different qualities but I look out for a primer which will act as a great canvas for my makeup and one that gives me shine-free makeup for a good while through the day. I love primers that are non-greasy and matte and most of the primers with these qualities are not usually hydrating but I am okay with that because I use a different moisturiser.

Naturally, I was keen to see if this primer will be one that does all I want while being hydrating. It has a great hydrating texture and I will say it is almost watery so you have to be careful when you dispense/pump it out of the tube. It feels really moisturising on the skin, non-greasy and absorbs well. If you have dry skin, you will adore this primer/moisturiser hybrid. As a primer, I have to say it has not worked well for me. For some bizarre reason, it makes my makeup get shiny and dewy way quicker than if I don't use any moisturiser or primer. It totally baffled me and I tried different methods to tweak it but I always ended up looking shiny even with matte foundations. I just think it works best as a moisturiser for my skin and if ever I wanted a dewy look, I know what primer to choose. If you have dry skin or combination skin and you are looking for a primer which is hydrating while giving you a dewy look, this may be one to try.

Balm Dotcom // Link //£10
This was another product I was so excited to try because I'd heard so many good things about it. I almost made an international order just to try it especially when I heard it was a non-greasy lip balm. I am not a huge lip balm girl at all because many of the ones I have tried tend to feel heavy on my lips. A few of my favourite lip balms include the By Terry Baume de Rose and the ILIA Lip Balms/Tinted Lip Conditioners because they work well on my lips. I was really glad that this was included in the Phase 1 set and I could choose the flavour I wanted. I went for the Cherry Flavour because I felt it will look the most flattering against my complexion. Glossier describes the Balm Dotcom as a hydrating, long lasting, multi-purpose lip balm and skin salve designed to nourish and repair dry/chapped skin. I have to say I absolutely agree with this description as it captures what the Balm Dotcom does to a T. It can be used on the lips, cuticles, hands or anywhere that has dry skin. I tend to use it mainly on my lips and I love it.

Some of the ingredients include Beeswax, Lanolin, Petrolatum, Castor Seed Oil, etc. I did raise my eyebrow when I saw it contains Petrolatum as its first ingredient but I have actually enjoyed using this balm so I don't mind too much.  It feels like a matte lip balm with all the moisture retention abilities of other regular lip balms. It does not sit heavy or greasy on my lips and that's why I really enjoy it. My lips are quite pigmented but the Cherry flavour still manages to give a very slight hint of colour which I love. I am glad I chose this flavour and it smells so lovely too!! It's definitely a handbag staple especially with the current weather.

Is the Phase 1 Set Worth Buying?
I will definitely recommend the Phase 1 Set especially if you just want to test out the brand. The price is a great one because you save at least £8 if you buy the set as opposed to buying the products individually. It's almost like you get a free Balm Dotcom for purchasing the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturiser. I will definitely say it is worth the price. . They also have the Phase 2 Set which consists of some of their essential makeup products (the Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer and Generation G Lipstick) and you can customise the products too. I am totally for that idea and I am considering getting it at some point.

Where to Buy
Glossier is currently only sold on the Glossier website in the US and UK. I believe the US website ships to a number of countries which you can check out here. I am not sure they will stock them elsewhere but it will be great to see the brand stocked on maybe ASOS so more people can get the brand. It will even be more amazing if they are stocked in Beauty Mart, Urban Outfitters or any other retailers which are more accessible other than the Glossier head offices. I am sure they may be planning something soon for the UK (I know they had pop up shops in the UK last year).

Overall Thoughts
Overall, I am really pleased with my purchase even though I was not over the moon by all the products. I still use these products often except the Priming Moisturiser which I use as a night moisturiser when my skin needs that extra moisture. I  am keen to hear what your thoughts are if you have tried Glossier. Do you have any other recommendations?
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