Beauty Blender All About Face Set (Review)

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen me share a mini un-boxing of the Beauty Blender All About Face Set as well as photos. If you are not following me on there, you totally should as I tend to post a bit more frequently on my Instagram. Last month, this lovely package arrived and I must have let out a squeal (I mean, who doesn't love beauty blenders?). I am sure everyone who loves beauty has definitely heard about the original Beauty Blender at some point and may have even tried it (or maybe a dupe). Beauty Blenders have made such a massive difference to the way makeup is applied. I have actually purchased about three Original Beauty Blenders and I absolutely enjoy using them. I have a post here comparing the Original Beauty Blender vs the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge if you want to check it out.

Beauty Blender All About Face Set* //Link //£35
The All About Face Set is a limited edition set and it is designed to simplify any makeup routine because it has all the beauty blenders you'd ever need. You can get to do all over coverage to camouflaging imperfections and making the cheeks glow with the beauty blenders in this set. Inside the set, you get the following products: the Original Beauty Blender, the Beauty Blusher, the Micro Mini and a mini Blender Cleanser Solid. It truly is the perfect set and I can't think of any other set that contains this combination of useful beauty blenders.
P.S. I decided to do a side by side comparison of the size of each beauty blender damp and dry so anyone who is curious can see how well they expand.

Original Beauty Blender
I already mentioned that I've used the Original Beauty Blender for the past 3 years and I always come back to it. They come in different colours but I think the most popular colour is the pink one which is my favourite. I definitely want to try the black one at some point. The unique thing about the Original Beauty Blender is that it is very bouncy and springs right back into shape once you give it a little squeeze. It is designed to flawlessly apply foundation, powder, BB creams, CC creams, etc. Before I got to try the other beauty blenders in this set, I used mine for everything including concealer. However, I now mainly use it to blend my foundation since I have the other beauty blenders that came with this set. I simply run it under water and gently squeeze out excess water (the aim is to get it damp and not dripping wet).

I apply my foundation in dots around my face and use the bottom part of the Beauty Blender to blend/buff it in to my skin, It does such an incredible job and my foundations always looks great with it. I can always tell the difference from when I use my best buffing brush and when I use my Beauty Blender. It takes a little more time compared to using my regular foundation/buffing brush however the results are absolutely worth it. I find that with constant use it takes less time. Right now, it takes about the same time as my normal foundation brushes but it gives way better results. I do find that if the Beauty Blender is too damp/wet, it may absorb quite a bit of foundation so I ensure it is the right balance of dampness. It is best used for make medium to full coverage foundations as it sheers them out to a realistic finish. I tend to clean my Beauty Blenders immediately after use as it takes very little time and stubborn stains don't stick on it. I find that it is harder to clean you leave it dirty for more than a few days although the Blender Cleanser Solid makes it really easy to clean.  I can't praise the Original Beauty Blender enough and I know many people feel the same way as I do.

Beauty Blender - Beautyv Blusher 
I was so excited to try out the Beauty Blusher because I have quite a few cream blushers that I had to previously use with my original Beauty Blender. It did a great job but it was slightly too big to fit into the my cream blusher pots .Thankfully, I don't have to bother with that any more because I now own the Beauty Blusher. From the name, you can already deduce that it is designed for blushes including cream and powder blushes. It is the perfect size for all my blushes and it just hugs my cheeks when it comes to applying my blushes.

I dampen it in the same way as the Beauty Blender and just dab it into my cream blush pot and onto my face. The amazing thing about it is that it helps you customise how much coverage you want from your blushes. When I am using powder blushes, I prefer to use the Beauty Blusher dry and it sheers out my really pigmented blushes, giving me a natural look. Before this set arrived, my cream blushes were used sparingly because I did not have the right tools for all of them. Now, I have been reaching more for them and loving them so much especially this Spring.

Beauty Blender- Micro Mini
I thought these were the cutest things ever and I just love playing with them (don't judge me; they are so squishy and cute!). Don't be deceived by the tiny size as it is designed for quite a few makeup techniques such as focused contouring, highlighting, concealing and colour correcting. The Micro Mini beauty blenders are perfect for those hard to reach areas you were hoping the Beauty Blender will get to.  It is the perfect seize for my under eye and I am able to do precise concealing and highlighting. If you love a sharp contour, especially with a cream contour, the Micro Mini will deliver that. If you have specific areas you like to colour correct, you can pin point with the Micro Mini.

I personally prefer to use it for concealing and highlighting. I use the pointed tip to apply my concealer under my eye and blend it in. For highlighting, I flip it to the bottom part and dab my chosen powder right on. My under eye concealing game is on fire because of the Micro Mini. I love to use this with my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and they are just made for each other. I don't get any creasing at all and my concealer lasts really well. I am just in love with the Micro Mini!!

Mini Blender Cleanser Solid
I think this is my third Blender Cleanser Solid (mini) and I have to say it truly is the best for keeping the beauty blenders clean. I have tried other cleanser solids and even regular soaps but it is not the same thing at all. I run the cleanser solid under water, swipe my beauty blenders across, give them a gentle rub/squeeze and it's as clean as brand new. No fuss, no stress!! I don't have to constantly squeeze the beauty blenders to get them clean as this can sometimes cause rips and damage to them. If you use a good cleanser such as the Blender Cleanser Solid, the dirt/makeup comes off so easily and there's no risk of damaging your beauty blenders. I have to say the Blender Cleanser Solid is quite expensive but if you keep it dry (leaving it wet can lead to waste and it may get messy), it will last a good while. I also want to try the liquid  version of the Blender Cleanser as I feel that it may be more cost effective compared to the Blender Cleanser Solid. The good thing is that the All About Face already comes with a mini Blender Cleanser Solid which lasts a considerable while. If you do wash your beauty blenders everyday after use, you can get away with using a regular liquid soap. I love to use my Molton Brown Hand Washes as they work well and smell gorgeous. You can then save the Blender Cleanse Solid for any stubborn stains.

Where to Buy //Link //£35
I think this set is such good value for money because you get three Beauty Blenders along with a Blender Cleanser Solid (mini). The Original Beauty Blender alone retails for £16 so this set is excellent value for money. You can purchase the All About Face Set from Selfridges, BeautyBay and Cult Beauty.  If there are any discount codes, you'd even get a really good deal. I know Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay usually have regular discount codes so it is worth signing up to their newsletter so you'd know when there are on.

Overall Thoughts
I am really so pleased that I got to try the All About Face Set from Beauty Blender. I rarely say things are a must have but if you love beauty blenders, you totally need this in your life!! It is good value, excellent quality and the results always speak for themselves. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you in my next post!! Have you tried the Beauty Blender All About Face Set?
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  1. This set is such a good deal when you think about how much the original beauty blender costs alone! I've only ever tried the Real Techniques dupe and I love it, but I've not used a solid cleanser to clean it before. I need to try one!

    Steph -

    1. I absolutely agree with you and it is such a good deal!! You totally need to try it whenever you can. Thanks for stopping over...xx

  2. I love this set. I actually use the micro minis a ton for highlighting and definitely concealer under the eyes.

    Miranda |

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment and I love using the micro minis for concealing and highlighting as it just fits in so well...xx


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