Another Photography Day

Today is a really special day to me because it has been 5 Years since my Dad died and each year that has gone by has been different in special ways. I would not go into so much details because this post is not about that.

I went out and about today taking in the lovely city of Westminister and snapping away the beautiful monuments and statues all around. The city of Wesminister really inspires me and I can just walk around and taking in all the beauty all day long {stopping of course for some coffee and bites}. I always feel refreshed by the cool air and beautiful scenery all before me.

For me, all the statues seem to be telling a deep story and their eyes do not feel empty at all which you may expect from a statue made of cold stone{or whatever material} they are made of.

Anywho, I decided to share some photos with you all. Enjoy..xx

House of Parliament/ Cromwell Green Entrance
Random Building in Millbank

Parliament Square Signpost

Big Ben :-}

                                                    Oliver Cromwell Statue


What/Who inspires you to be who you are everyday?


  1. These are very beautiful. i feel like i was looking at them there with you. hehehe

    1. Thank you very much and I am glad you like them..x


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