Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette Haul

Towards the end of last year, I did a little haul and stocked up on some eyeshadow palettes from the drugstore. Whenever Boots or Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer across their entire makeup products, I always take advantage. I don't just go wild and purchase things for the sake of it; I get products I have had my eyes on/swatched/tested at some point. In total, I picked up 5 eyeshadow palettes and made some savings so I am very thrilled. Right let's dive in.

Sleek Rockstars Collection (Limited Edition)
As a rule of the thumb, I always pick up Sleek Makeup i-Lust Eyeshadow Palettes (especially their limited edition ones) because they are so good and I love their compact size. In 2016, I picked up not just one but two palettes with no single regret. Who doesn't like a bargain? For a good while I didn't realise there was a second palette in the Sleek Rockstars Collection. I believe the Diamonds in the Rough palette is exclusive to Boots while the Hidden Gems is exclusive to Superdrug. Both palettes can be purchased from Sleek Makeup website of course which is a good thing and they are currently reduced to £5.24. I can't find the Hidden Gems Palette's link on Superdrug's website but I have linked to the Sleek Makeup website.

Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow (i-Lust) Palette in Hidden Gems //Link //£7.49 (reduced to £5.24)
As already mentioned, it is almost always a given that I'd purchase any limited edition eyeshadow palette from Sleek Makeup because I love their pigmentation. They definitely make one of the best drugstore eyeshadows and they are even better than some high end eyeshadow palettes I own. I am so pleased that Sleek launched two eyeshadow palettes this time around (as part of their Rockstars Collection) and I could not resist them. The first one I picked up was the Hidden Gems. It was at the top of my list and was always sold out in-store at my local Superdrug. I had swatched the tester so I knew I totally needed it in my life. I love neutral palettes but when I see colour, I go a little bit crazy especially with colours I know work well with my complexion. Inside the Hidden Gems Palette, you get 6 eyeshadows in the following shade (from L-R): Emerald City, Amethyst Sky, Amber City, Sapphire Blues, Ruby Tuesday and Diamond Dust. I love the names they chose and I feel they suit the eyeshadows so well. I can't think of any eyeshadow in this palette that I would not wear at all which is why I purchased it in the first place.

The texture of the shadows are easy to work with and while I did get some fallouts, it was nothing alarming. Their pigmentation is amazing as expected with Sleek Makeup eyeshadows and I love the perfect metallic shimmer finish. Some of the eyeshadows have some glitter in them but they don't look unsightly when applied. My least used shadow is the Diamond Dust (first from the right) although it works well as an inner tear duct highlight. I am in love with this palette and I know it will serve me well all through the year.

Sleek Eyeshadow (i-Lust) Palette in Diamonds in the Rough //Link //£7.99 (reduced to £5.24)
The Diamonds in the Rough Palette is slightly more expensive than the Hidden Gems one and I cannot for the life of me figure out why (I know it's only 50p but still!!). Inside this gorgeous palette, you get six eyeshadows like the Hidden Gems and the shades include the following (l-R): Radiant, Marquise, Asscher, Princess, Trillion and Solitaire . Four of the eyeshadows are powder eyeshadows and two are cream eyeshadows (the first and last eyeshadows). Previously, I was not a huge fan of cream eyeshadows that come in powder eyeshadow palettes but I do find that they work so well with the powder eyeshadows.  I particularly find them useful when you want to create a custom eyeshadow colour or when you don't have an eyeshadow primer at hand.

 Again, the pigmentation of these eyeshadows are superb and I love their texture. They are  baked eyeshadows so they are a dream to apply. Their finish is a high intensity one and they can be used as highlighters. If you layer some of the shades they come off looking metallic which is one of my favourite finishes. This palette is a winner for me because it looks so gorgeous on my complexion and I know it will suit so many other skin tones (maybe not all the shades). If you love rose gold, champagne and pink shades, you'd adore this palette.

I thought this palette may be similar to the Sleek Makeup Gold Standard Palette (review here) launched in 2015 but I did a side by side comparison and they are different. They do share some similarities as per having powder and cream eyeshadows in the same palette. However, the Gold Standard Palette is more on the warm gold radar while the Diamonds in the Rough has more rose gold/pink undertones. I love both palettes and I can't wait to see what Sleek Makeup have in store for the end of this year.

                                       Bourjois La Palette Eyeshadow Palettes
I have to say I don't buy a lot of makeup products from Bourjois because they never seem to have products that suit my complexion especially their powders, concealers and foundations. It's quite annoying because I know they have amazing quality and they are also owned by the same cosmetic house that own Chanel. Anyway, I have tried their eyeshadow products in the past and I do love them. I saw that they had launched a La Palette collection and I was intrigued. I already own all the La Palette eyeshadows from L'Oreal so I wanted to see what Bourjois had to offer. To be honest, I wanted to get these palettes mainly because their packaging is so gorgeous. I love the design and I don't think I own any palette that rotate through 360 degrees. For the design alone, it's a pleasure to have. I wish their powder in a similar design had a shade for me, I'd pick it up in a heartbeat.

Bourjois La Palette Les Nude Eyeshadow Palette //Link //£11.99
The La Palette Les Nude Eyeshadow Palette contains 8 eyeshadows inside and they do not have individual names.  I am not sure why they have named this palette Nude as it contains quite a few colours which I am happy about even though they are cool toned shades. Maybe, they should have named it La Palette Les Cool (or maybe Chaud). Anyway, you get four neutral shades in my opinion and three cool tone shades and I really do like this combination. The eyeshadows themselves have some fallouts but nothing too unsightly. The eyeshadows have glitter in them but they don't look OTT (over the top) when you apply them on the eye. For their pigmentation, I was quite surprised at how well they showed on my complexion. I didn't really think they will have such good pigmentation but they do. The shadows are definitely not as pigmented as the Sleek Makeup ones but they are really good for everyday wear. I always use a primer when I use them (not to improve their pigmentation) but to help them adhere better to my eyelids and last longer.

The packaging is white with lovely illustrations and I just feel so happy whenever I get to use them. It also has the lovely swivelling mirror design and I am so impressed at how well made (and sturdy) these eyeshadow palettes are. I am so thrilled I got this eyeshadow palette even though I don't use it as often as I should. When I purchased it, it was reduced to £8.99 and they had a 3 for 2 offer as well so it was a bargain for me. I would still have purchased it at the original price of £11.99 because I think it's worth it even just for the packaging alone.

Bourjois La Palette Les Smoky Eyeshadow Palette //Link //£11.99
As it was 3 for 2 and reduced in price, it would have been a crime not to pick up the La Palette Les Smoky Eyeshadow Palette. I feel that Bourjois absolutely nailed it with the name and shades of colours chosen in this palette. I am just getting into smoky eyeshadows and building up my cool toned eyeshadows so this palette is a welcome addition to my stash. Again, I love the black design and the lovely illustrations on the palette. Inside the La Palette Les Smoky, you also get 8 eyeshadows which are so gorgeous. There is a midnight blue shade, emerald green shade, greyish silver shade, dark purple shade and other gorgeous shades. The eyeshadows do have fall outs as a result of the glitters but it is not as bad as some other glitter eyeshadow palettes I have tried.

The pigmentation of the La Palette Les Smoky is very impressive and has a better colour pay off than the La Palette Les Nude. I use a primer with this eyeshadow palette but I can definitely get away without using one. The lasting power is also really good with minimal creasing. I do find that darker coloured eyeshadows always seem to have better pigmentation, intensity and lasting power. If you are into smoky eyeshadow looks, this is a lovely palette to own in my opinion.

                                   Barry M Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette
I think Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes are very underrated and I don't see enough posts about them. I know a lot of people rate their glitter shadows which I need to try.  I have tried at least 3 or 4 Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes and I have never been disappointed. They look lovely, apply well and have impressive pigmentation and lasting power.

Barry M Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)//Link //£6.49
I was looking for an eyeshadow palette to come home with me in my 3 for 2 offer when I spotted the Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette. I believe this is exclusive to Superdrug so if you planned to use your Boots point on this, it won't be possible. I can't believe I almost missed out on this eyeshadow palette as I had heard nothing about its launch. Let's just say it was love at first sight and I didn't even have to swatch the tester because I am familiar with Barry M's eyeshadow pigmentation. The packaging is made from cardboard which is common with many Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes. I do find them quite durable and the other 3 palettes I own have lasted for a few years now without any issues. Inside the Super Natural Palette, you get 8 lovely eyeshadows and I love that they have not included any other makeup products in it. I find that some previous Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes (usually the limited edition ones) contain either a highlighter or blush which is nice but I am happy this particular palette is strictly eyeshadows.

This palette contains a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. The pigmentation is good on my complexion but these eyeshadows do need an eye primer. It is not a problem for me as I always use an eye primer even with the most pigmented eyeshadows I own. There were some fallouts particularly with the shimmer shades but I always tap off the excess eyeshadow before applying. I was wondering why this palette drew me in at first and then I realised it was reminiscent of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. In terms of the shades within the palette, I'd say it's a close dupe but not particularly for the pigmentation or application. It's a cheap and cheerful way to see if you'd get along with the shades in the Urban Decay Palette. All in all, I am so pleased I got this palette and it is so useful for everyday wear which is what I opt for during week days.

Overall Thoughts
I am so pleased I have finally reviewed these eyeshadow palettes as I purchased them last year and I have been testing them out these past few months. I am impressed to see that drug store brands are making better eyeshadow palettes than they were in past years. If they continue this way, they may give some high end brands a run for their money. My favourite from this haul has to be the Sleek Rockstars Collection because their colour pay off is most impressive and the shades are right down my alley. That's it from me today. Hope your weekend has been amazing. I am spending mine in Scotland and I enjoyed the intermittent snow from Friday. Have you tried any of these eyeshadow palettes?
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Nude by Nature Eye Collection Review (II)

I recently spoke about the Nude by Nature Eye Collection where I talked about the Natural Illusions Single Eyeshadows which are one of my favourite single eyeshadows. In that post, I promised to talk about the other products within the eye collection and here we are. I have spoken about Nude by Nature's ethos and everything behind the brand so I'd link these posts for more information!! Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Nude by Nature and you can check out their international website over here. Right, this is going to be a long post so I better get started....

Natural Wonders Eye Palette*//Link // £36
I am always super excited whenever I get a new eyeshadow palette because I am an eyeshadow junkie. I am absolutely in love with the packaging and it is indeed one of my favourite eyeshadow packaging. The palette is inspired by the beautiful colour palette of Australia including their beautiful blue skies, sunset, shimmering sands and their blue lagoons. I am not a big lover of blue eyeshadow but surprisingly people tell me it suits me so well. Each time, I wear blue eyeshadow (the right shade though), I always get tons of compliments so I am beginning to warm up to blue. At first, I was so worried about having two blue shades in a palette but I actually like it for different looks. The palette contains 10 eyeshadows which are described as richly pigmented and luminous shades. I agree for the most part but I do think one or two eyeshadows are not as pigmented as the others on my complexion.

The eyeshadow formulas are enriched with some of Australia's indigenous active natural ingredients-Quandong and Desert Lime which help provide antioxidant defence. I think that's pretty amazing and I don't think I own any eyeshadows that offer skin benefits as far as I know. I'd describe this palette as a neutral one with some pops of colour. The pigmentation of the shadows are actually impressive but as I mentioned two shades were not as pigmented as the others. I always use a primer and it really helps with their application and longevity.

There are matte and luminous (like pearl) finishes within the palette but I do prefer the pearl finish. I experienced minimal fallouts but the matte shades kicked up more powder than the other finishes (which is no surprise). The eyeshadows don't have individual names so it is slightly difficult for me to describe them individually. I am excited to see what other eyeshadow palettes Nude by Nature create. For a natural brand, I think they have done fantastic with this palette! I still cannot get over how gorgeous the packaging looks and it is so sturdy with a large mirror. If I go away with this palette, I know I am covered for any neutral looks I want to create which is a good thing in itself.

Most of all, it is an eyeshadow palette that is also good for the skin. It's definitely not my most pigmented eyeshadow palette but it is one that will work well for everyday, for light makeup wearers and makeup beginners. The most exciting part is that I have another brand new palette which I am giving away over here so check it out for more details.

Natural Illusion Eyeshadow Trios* //Link //£24 each
I was very excited to see these gorgeous mini eyeshadow trios because I knew they'd be easy to grab and go when I am travelling. Nude by Nature have created these harminous shades of eyeshdows to provide the best combination of eyeshadows and I have to say they nailed it. I love how the shades in each trio complement each other and how all the Trios work together as a whole.  There are three sets of Trios- Nude (01), Smoky (02) and Rose (03). I love their names as they are simple and it makes it easy to decide which trio you want to purchase.

You know I am not going to skip talking about their packaging because that would be an outright crime. They are the cutest rose gold makeup products I have in my collection and if I ever do my makeup on the Tube/Train, they'd be a joy to whip out. Each Trio comes with three mini eyeshadows and a cruelty free double ended mini eyeshadow brush. I never use eyeshadow brushes that come with most palettes but I actually like the ones in these Trios because they are well made.

The first Trio is called Nude (01)*//Link //£24 and it  has three nude shades which I'd describe as light brown, a medium brown and a champagne shade. I think they would work best on lighter skin tones but I still reach for them because they are a good nude on my complexion. They match/blend so well with my complexion which offers advantages and disadvantages. If you are after a nude shade that will still add some colour to your eye look (and you have a similar skin tone as mine), this trio will not offer that. If you are after a proper nude shade that is effortless and matches your complexion to a T, then you'd adore this trio. I reach for this Trio when I am on a strict No Makeup day but still want to hide any discolouration on my eyelids and prevent them from getting oily. The Nude 01 Trio has medium pigmentation on my complexion but I think it will appear slightly more pigmented on lighter complexions. I actually really like this Trio on its own but I prefer to use it with the Rose Trio.

The second Trio is the Smoky (02)*//Link //£24 which has three beautiful shades which I'd describe as white silver, greyish silver and  bluish black (or midnight black). I can let you know that this trio has the best pigmentation compared to the other two. I don't know if it's because it contains darker shades but I am totally loving it. I am not one who wears cool shades or even smoky looks but this Trio has definitely made me want to try them out more. The shades in the palette work so well to create a simple or fierce smoky look depending o how much you build the shadows. I have experienced very minimal fallouts with this trio and I cannot wait to show you some looks I created with it.I love that it comes in this cute trio because it can help switch whatever makeup look you have on from day to night with a few brush sweeps.  I definitely recommend checking this trio out as it's the perfect smoky look especially for smoky look beginners like me.

The third palette is the Rose (03)*//Link //£24 which also has three lovely shades- champagne, rose gold and dark brownish rose. The pigmentation of this trio is similar to the nude one however I do reach for this slightly more often because I love the darkest shade in it. The Rose Trio is actually a better nude shade for me and I love how the brownish rose shade adds some warmth to my eye look. I use that shade as a transition colour or as a one wash shade. The other two shades are slightly powdery as they have matte finishes. The best way for me to create my favourite Nude shade with these trios is to combine use Nude (01) and Rose (03). It's a good thing they come in a good size as I can throw both trios in my makeup bag and they won't take up much space at all.

Shimmering Sands Loose Eye Shadows*//Link // £15
I was so intrigued when I first saw these loose shadows at the Eye Collection Launch. Their packaging is swoon worthy as expected from Nude by Nature and I honestly thought that they were cream eyeshadows!! They are actually loose powder eyeshadows as you'd have guessed from their names and they contain a combination of pigments and pearls to achieve a luminous look. They have the most incredible pigmentation ever and they last so long (all day for me). I recently learned from Justine Jenkins (Nude by Nature's brand ambassador/Makeup Artist) that they can be used wet as well. She demoed them wet on my eyes and I really did not want to take off my eye makeup at the end of the day because they looked gorgeous. They have a really finely milled texture which is easy to blend and the formula is enriched with Kaolin Clay to increase its wear time.

The only gripe I have about these Loose Eyeshadows is the packaging.Yes, they are absolutely gorgeous but a pain to apply without wasting these precious eyeshadows.  Lucky for me, I have finally learned the best technique to prevent this is and it all boils down to slowly (and patiently) lifting the doe foot applicator. I get very minimal fallouts  this way which is fine and I think it is almost impossible to apply such a finely milled product without some waste. Most importantly, the packaging helps secure the contents so the key is just understanding how to work it. As mentioned, I don't even mind the packaging anymore because the results I get with these shadows are so beautiful. There are three shades within the range and they are: White Sand*(01), Coral Sand*(02) and Rose Sand *(03).

The colours actually match their names so you can imagine that White Sand is a champagne shade, Coral has a coral gold and Rose Sand is a gorgeous rose gold shade.They also complement the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks and I love them ever so much. I love these Loose Eyeshadows so much and will recommend trying them out.

Contour Eye Pencil*//Link //£14
I have not always been an eye pencil (or rather pencil eye liner) girl as I tend to avoid lining my waterline. Most pencils irritate my waterline and I wear contacts so I just did not want any hassles. In the past year or so, I have discovered some lovely non-irritating eye pencils/liners and I am so impressed. Nude by Nature Contour Eye Pencils are one of my favourite discoveries and I have got so much use from them.

They are described as densely pigmented formulas which can be used to create both natural and dramatic makeup looks. I totally second that description because it is spot on. These pencils glide on so easily across my waterline and I hardly even feel them. Their pigmentation is so intense that I only have to glide them across my eyes just once (unless I am going for a super dramatic look). They are very blendable so if you make a mistake, you can fix it easily. Again, I adore the rose gold themed packaging/design.

These pencils have two sides: one with the pencil and the other with a smudger for a smoky/dramatic effortless look. They are enriched with Mango and Macadamia Oils and I think that's may be one of the reasons why they are richly pigmented with an easy glide. They are available in six shades: 01 Black*, 02 Brown*, 03 Anthracite*, 04 Suunrise*, 05 Turquoise Bay* and 06 Rain Forest* and all the shades will suit many complexions. They also have two finishes - matte or sheen. They can be used both as regular eyeliners on the lids or on the water line but I prefer the latter. I am hooked to them and they really make my eyes pop whenever I use them.

Definition Eye Liner* //Link //£16
I don't think I can ever do an eye look without eye liner as it just can't be the same at all. I have always been a felt tip pen eye liner kind of girl because I think they are easy to control and perfect for beginners. However, I have fallen hard for these Nude by Nature Eyeliners. They are described as densely pigmented eye liners that impart rich colour and intense definition in one application. They come in two shades- 01 Black and 02 Brown which I think is a good touch.. I love black eye liners and they are very eye catching but there are some days I want some definition (without too much drama) and that's where the brown shade shines. I'd describe the formula as a demi matte one as it starts out quite shiny but dries down to a beautiful long lasting matte.

The liners have precise foam tip applicators that allow for a thin cat wing/flick or a thick line depending on your preference. I absolutely love the foam tip applicator because it is firm and offers a lot of control so there is little room for mistakes. I know eye liner beginners would love this and it is such a good way to transition from felt tip to regular eye liner. I find that it is easy to make mistakes with very thin applicator strips so that's why I am so pleased that Nude by Nature have used a sturdy tip with these eye liners. I have not experienced any issues at all with their application or longevity. I'd highly recommend checking them out.

Alluring Defining Mascara* //Link //£16
If you regularly read my blog or know me in real life, you'd know that I am very picky with my mascaras. It's not because I choose to be rather it's just that my lashes are short (ahem, almost invisible) and quite curly (I have never had to curl my lashes). I pretty much opt for formulas that offer a good length and reasonable volume without being clumpy. Not many mascaras do it for my lashes and it's no fault of theirs by any means; it's just my naughty lashes. I was not overly impressed with the Alluring Defining Mascaras initially but they actually grew on me when I became creative with how I use them. They promise to provide intensified, lengthened and separated lashes with the help of the unique flexible brush and buildable formula.

They come in two shades- Black and Brown which I actually love because I don't think I own any brown mascara. I do have to say that these lashes are really good at separating the lashes and I have never experienced any clumping at all which is a good thing. On its own, it gives reasonable lengthy and volume to my lashes but it looks really natural (not va va voom as I'd prefer). However, it looks so much better when I add on a few more coats. It also works well with other mascaras for example, I use it over one of my other mascaras which adds volume and length with some annoying clumps. The Alluring Defining Mascara helps get rid of the clumps and separates my lashes really well. I am so happy I did not just disregard them rather I found other ways to put them to use for my lashes. If you have regular lashes, you'd actually love them as they work well as an every day mascara.

There were some brushes launched with the Eye Collection and they include the Base Shadow Brush* (14), Blending Brush*(15), Smudge Brush*16) and the Angled Eyeliner Brush*(17). I am a huge fan of Nude by Nature brushes particularly their eye brushes and some of their Face Brushes. They have become staples in my collection and I have a post planned where I show you all the ones I currently have. They are cruelty free as expected from Nude by Nature and their quality really stand out among many other brushes I have tried.

Overall Thoughts
I know this was a long post but it was very much needed because I have really enjoyed this collection. I feel incredibly lucky to have been gifted the entire collection and they have been put to such good use over the past few months. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I'd answer them. You can also check out the rest of the Nude by Nature Eye Collection over here.  Don't forget to enter the Nude by Nature Giveaway currently running on my blog. That's it from me. Have you tried any products from the Nude by Nature Eye Collection?
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